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    b450 aorus pro wifi mini itx
  • RAM
    16gb t force rgb
  • GPU
    gigabyte rx 570xt
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    1tb wd blue , 1tb nvme ssd , 240gb ssd
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    evga super nova g3 750
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    msi optix g24c, viotek 27inch 1440p 144hz
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    cooler master master liquid ml 120l

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  1. so with my new laptop i heard the gpu can boost up to 100w but in the armory app for the laptop it says tgp is 80w , does this turbo mode allow it to boost to 100w or how do i get it to boost up , i want the most performance i can get out of this gpu
  2. The intel i5 10400f is currently 149.99 and that’s a steal , it and the 3600 are about even in gaming performance and the 3600 is 50 bucks more , if it were my build I’d take that route and pocket the extra 50 or spend it on a new ssd? It’s totally your call
  3. id pick up an i5 10400f or the 3600 , dont bother with 5600x from amd as its 299 usd
  4. just got my new gaming laptop , zephyrus g 15 with 3070 , i have a monitor i want to connect it to for playing games at home , was curious if anyone knew a nice stand i could buy or make that elevates it a bit for better air flow when playing games
  5. some radeon settings you can turn on are free sync ( if the display can do it ) radeon anti lag , and imagage sharpening , none will really improve performance but will improve the experience a bit
  6. I would leave it configured to esports mode when playing valorant and power saver when not playing. It will probably lower clocks , and the 3500u is pretty weak apu but should be able to play valorant at all low 60fps .
  7. are you talking about playing games on it ? or just smooth performance for daily tasks
  8. you may have some settings on the stream not tuned right , im not familiar with streaming but i would turn warzone down to all low , i have a 3070 also , i play at 1080p all low and get 140 fps usually
  9. This is my first ever gaming laptop and i dont know how to update the drivers for the i gpu on the 5900hs , i know how to normally update amd drivers but the option isnt present on the radeon settings with i gpu enabled and 3070 disabled? how do i keep my igpu drivers up to date for when i want to play some games on the go.
  10. Wow , and to think I paid 1900 USD for that ? I hope the performance isn’t that low
  11. I just got the new zephyrus 15 with ryzen 9 and Rtx 3070 ( up to 100 w) when this gpu is at 100w what is the desktop equivalent, I was able to get good performance at 1440 p in Minecraft with Rtx on but just wondering about what gpu this would perform like on the desktop side
  12. I’m curious as to why the 3060 max q or laptop versions of the card has more cuda cores than the desktop version? Why would they give it more cores inside the laptop when the 3070 and 3080 laptop gpus have less cuda than the desktop?
  13. I’m about to make a decision on buying a pc from micro center at the store now , one pc has 1660 super and costs 1000 while the other costs 900 and has 5500xt 8gb , the rest of the pc being equal between them , is it worth spending the extra 100 for 1660 super? I think not but want some quick opinion