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  1. You could easily get a vesa mount on there and bring the monitor up and "floating" to have dual monitors, I get what you mean though about space. Video editing is fun and pretty simple to get the basics of. However I use my mac for all my video editing as that's where I've been doing it for years.
  2. I'm exactly the same sue me! Have you thought about a second monitor? Do you do any productivity work and you could have a lesser, cheaper monitor for browsing while gaming or whatever? That's what I'm doing next as my rig is pretty solid for now (only built in Jan) and although I need a little more storage I'm actually good for now. So I got a dual arm vesa mount and the next thing is a second monitor.
  3. Very little really. One has an extra x1 pci slot and the other supports RAID but that's about it. Other than aesthetics.
  4. Personally I'd go 1440@144hz as on a screen this size I can't justify 4K. People will argue there's a difference and from a granular technical analysis there probably is, but for gaming I'd always suggest a higher refresh rate and that will being a smoother overall feel when gaming.
  5. It's not going to cause any problems. It's just way more than you need, so the money could be better utilisised elsewhere. You'll have a CPU sat there that only uses a fraction of its capabilities and isn't the best investment.
  6. I'd say the R7 is a little overkill yes. Unless you'll be doing any productivity work (photo / video editing, music creating etc) then the 3600 is a great CPU. I have one now and it doesn't break a sweat for gaming really I have a 2060 Super too and it's fantastic but hovers around 75-80% utilisation at all high settings on COD for example. My biggest "regret" when choosing my parts was storage. I have a 1TB nvme and will need another soon. Some games are huge and quickly eat up storage. For example the latest COD update was 171GB! So 17% gone in a single game (probably more after OS takes it chunk of the 1TB).
  7. Hey everyone Being in lockdown is costing me a fortune because it gives me time to come up with new things I want for my man cave. I'm looking for a second monitor for the dual arm vesa mount I just got. For gaming I currently have the MSI MAG271C, which is a curved 144hz 1080p monitor and I'm looking for a second monitor for productivity as I'm training to take my CEH at the moment and I have a virtual Linux machine to work on. I don't think I'll need anything as fast as the 144hz but I do want something good for my second monitor. I'd like to get another curved screen (I think) to fit in with the aesthetic of the setup and it needs to be vesa mountable. Any suggestions? Budget I would say max £200 because I can pick up another of the same monitor I have now for £220 but ideally I'd like to spend a lot less than that because its not going to need any high level refresh rates or G-Sync or anything. For reference I'm using a 2060 Super OC Windforce card.
  8. I have the NZXT Kraken x62 and really like it. The X62 is a 280mm but there is the X52 at 240mm or the newer Z range with the LCD screen look sick but they start at 280mm I believe.
  9. Hey I appreciate the honesty ?. I'm still kinda new to all of this as only built my first pc about 2 months ago. It's the little things like this that I seem to overlook lol. I will have a think what I want to do and maybe get a second or maybe just go for a super wide single monitor
  10. Yeah I didn't think of that ? I may need to rethink what I want to do then. Maybe just a super wide monitor instead then.
  11. Yeah I was thinking a game stretched across both monitors. The monitor I have (and will get) have barely any bezel so I was hoping it wouldn't have too much of an effect. But you'd recommend against it? Basically I was looking for a more immersive effect as I have a curved monitor now. It's the MSI MAG271C. Shows this on the product page, but obviously 3 monitors. Would 2 be crappy?
  12. Haha, that doesn't sound fun. By the way you seem to be one of the first to help with all of my issues, much appreciated!
  13. Sweet. I wasn't sure if driving that extra monitor might suck up some of the power and I'd end up with shit fps
  14. Yep, fresh install and you're away. All drivers should be downloaded automatically but you could always download them after as you'll have basic video at the very least. I don't think it will come to that though.