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  1. But I don`t use a 1080p monitor where my cpu would be overwhelmed easily. I go with way higher resolutions so my gpu instead of the cpu is the limit. That`s why I even started this thread. When does it become useless sticking with my 7700k?
  2. Well the plan is to let the gpu do most of the work so I don`t have to upgrade my cpu ._. And the 30xx lineup could bring enough power for 4k 120hz, or not, who knows As @LIGISTX has shown me with the second graph, the 7700k behaves almost on the same level as a 9900k while beeing stock on 1440p. So I got a good feeling about upgrading just the gpu so far. Oh an my cpu is just a bit overclocked (4.6Ghz) because I undervolted it. My chip can go to 4.9Ghz if needed.
  3. Hi, a few years ago I got myself a kinda banging rig. I7 7700k and a gtx1080ti. I thought about upgrading due to rtx which I don`t really want to miss out on in the future. For me it was obvious to skip Nvidia`s 20xx lineup. Now that the 30xx stuff is coming closer I will go for the next high end GPU, 3090 or whatever it`ll be named. Now my question is if my CPU will actually hold back a way more powerfull graphics card. Using a wqhd screen 144hz, no hdr. Might be going for 4k 120hz in the future, not sure yet. As far as I know lower resolution is heavier on the CPU and vice versa - for most games. Sooo yea; just buy a 4k screen and be set. Or is it not quite that simple? Because upgrading the CPU comes with a new Motherboard and probably new ram too. Which is a pain in the meh.
  4. If you really just play this kind of games, you can go with an ever lower cost gpu honestly. Other than that, you are set with an 5700 XT.
  5. Hey, really just wondering why not? I understand that not every game needs it.. talking about fun Indie games and stuff like that. Battlefield 3 (2011) still looks superior compared to alot of games of 2017/18/19. Witcher 3 got downgraded because consoles hardware was/ is not up to the task, as fas as I know. Ah well the consoles, seems like I answered my own question. Not quite I think. Isn't it possible to create a game with top notch graphics? It wouldn't even matter if noone could run it - yet, simply turn down some settings and you should be good to go - or am I missing something here? Afterall that should be the reason for a graphics menu? And choose a graphic preset that works for consoles - everyone happy? Any thoughts?^^