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  1. we don't have chick-fill-a in my country so, KFC for me, although I tend to eat more McDonald's or Burger King
  2. @rares495Both monitors should work, with no major complications, right ?
  3. The DVI monitor I want to plugin is a HANNS.G HX171D (model nº HGS1024) I just have it laying around and I was thinking on pluging it to increase workflow. I just noticed that the monitor does have an DVI in
  4. Hi, I have a computer which I want to plug a 2nd screen, but I don't know if it's even possible. The PC only has a internal GPU with VGA and DVI output, and I wanted to use both in a way that I would have 2 monitors. I know theres various types of DVI's but don't know which one to use, and I can't really take a pic cuz it's too dark. The motherbord is an MSI MS-7996 and has Intel HD Graphics 630 and an i5-7400. Can i even use 2 monitors ? And if I can what DVI adapter should I get ?
  5. I kinda depends on what games they'll play, as far as I know sims you can only play with another person, what you could do is search for some games that actually let's you play in splitmode, like Grid: Autosport, or fighting games most of they are able to play 2 ppl on the same pc, back in highschool I used to do that, even nowadays I bring my laptop to play something like tekken 7 or guity gear at some friend's place
  6. Found and older thread that has similar problem, from what I read, flashing the BIOS and/or, unistalling drivers from other GPU's worked for some. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/geforce-graphics-cards/5/186428/computer-wont-boot-past-bios-after-installing-new-/
  7. You can't boot into windows with the gpu right ?, I'm guessing power draw since in bios normally doesn't require much
  8. Is it possible that for some reason the gpu is getting more power than the usual ?
  9. don't you have other ports to try if the displayport ain't damaged ?
  10. It really depends on my mood, sometimes I like something more sweet like cookies, sometimes I rather have something more salty like potato chips or pretzels
  11. @Anomnomnomaly Well, like I heard somewhere, there's always and asshole at every corner just to annoy ppl. Like @Kidplayer_666 said, you were just unlucky
  12. Agora para ver se és mesmo português, Porto ou Benfica ou Sporting

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    2. wolfxtr3m


      meh, eu não sou muito de futebol, mas tal como um amigo meu portista diz: " mais vale a pena ser paneleiro que benfiquista" XDDD.

      Sem ofensa obviamente.

    3. Kidplayer_666


      Eu também não sigo muito. Sou o miúdo “estranho” (mas não solitário) da escola

    4. wolfxtr3m


      KKK, eu já não estou na escola, mas quando andava na secundária, tinhamos o nosso pequeno grupo de jogos e anime

  13. Well I know portugal cuz, Eu sou português KKK, We do have a great country but we fall back in many stuff.