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  1. Temperatures are normal as they always are, safe mode deactivates the GPU so it will run fine with the integrated graphics. The worse thing is that it is random, I can let the laptop run for weeks and nothing happen, and as soon as I reboot or turn on the next day it might simply do that, I seriously find no explanation
  2. I have Ps2 Fat 5000x Ps3 Slim Ps4 Slim PSP 3000 And PS Vita Used to have a Game boy advance SP but it broke
  3. For the past few months my laptop has been giving this inconsistent BSOD, but once it appears it won't stop. Last time I stopped using my laptop and what it was like 2 weeks later the BSOD problem vanished for a few months. This time I've tried clean install of windows 10, older and newer GPU driver but without success, this has been occurring with every update of Windows 10, but it seems that older versions like 1st version of Windows 10 is less likely to trigger the BSOD. Right I can barely get inside of the OS without freezing and having other BSODs
  4. yeah, I agree with @The_russian, it's only release date for COD, Black Ops, you can read the small words at bottom
  5. There is a Rockstar launcher option to buy, however I can't really think anyewhere else where you could buy a digital copy of gta IV. I really would like this bug of +2gb ram fixed since I would enjoy it with better graphic option
  6. I am A Sony overall fan, so a PS5 is for me, but, if like ps3 controllers work on ps4, I hope ps4 controller work on ps5 in case we can choose one that adapts to each player
  7. There's only one thing I don't like on the new controller design, it's where the d-pad and the buttons are it's a full continous, no separation, (I'll put images below to explain better), It's the only reason why I feel a bit uncorfortable on the Xbox controller,
  8. I can't think of one for PC, but one that I did like back in highschool was Persona 3 (the portable version) it does have quite a nice story and a linear too, so your choices won't impact the end
  9. I never actually tried to mod the steam version, but mods probably works, I still haven't search to see if there's a fix that might work on steam version
  10. That's weird, and it doesn't even lists on the device manager ?
  11. Have you tried to installed the original drivers from the ASUS website ? I had a problem like that on my laptop ( a acer nitro) and after I when to get the drivers on the official website the problem was fixed
  12. GTA IV came back on steam after some fixes like games for windows life removal, and shutdown of online gameplay, some radios and tracks removed due to license. the only great thing about coming back is that now it's all in pack, GTA IV + Episodes from Liberty City instead of buying them seperated. However even with all this stuff, there still is the same problem for GPU's with more than 2Gb VRAM it bugs and dosent let increase graphics, I used to be able to fix with a command line but now not even that works for me, I'm waiting to see if there's any update on steam that might fixe
  13. Tbh, we are yet to know more details about PS5, a few years back there was a gran turismo running 8k 120fps, was it running on a test ps5 ? we don't really know. One thing I like about the SSD spec here is that they are already counting the space that the ps5 system will occupy on the drive, from what I know so far there ain't no 800 something GB SSD. Another thing that is yet to be known is of there will be possible to run ps1 2 and 3 games, most that was talked on the "Road to PS5" was hardware base, we don't even know how the design will be. This 3d audio tempes
  14. we don't have chick-fill-a in my country so, KFC for me, although I tend to eat more McDonald's or Burger King