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  1. What Cpu will work and perform the best on the Sony VAIO VPCEB11FM? basically what cpu should I upgrade to on it.
  2. Somewhere 500 to 600 USD would be known for a decent price (not low budget).
  3. If it's class 10 then it should be okay.
  4. That wasn't the question.
  5. You should wait because the rx580 is pretty decent, and waiting for a newer card seems like an good investment.
  6. You could have 2 different partitions on a NVME SSD. But for the question : No
  7. What I would recommend you to do is: Do not make the GPU unstable, since it crashed after you overclocked 2 mghz more. and/or you could research how to OC and learn in-depth about your GPU.
  8. Also think about what type of fan you need.
  9. That okay. And thanks for the info!