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  1. I have a sodimm one already, but sure if I want to make it easier for me.
  2. In Linus' video, the sodimm ram didn't post while paired with normal dimms. Once he removed the dimm, and ran only the sodimm, it worked no problem. My question is does this sodimm adapter setup work while paired normal dimms? I am building a computer for my friend because he wants to upgrade from his laptop (which has 8gb of ddr4). This is why i was wondering if buying normal dimm ddr4 ram and also using this sodimm adapter with his laptop ram would work. If you could please test this or help me out i would greatly appreciate it.
  3. It'll work, but you'll lose performance.
  4. Do you still have warrenty, if so what parts?
  5. Change the thermal paste, and see if that helps.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1X-HUANANZHI-X79-Motherboard-LGA2011-ATX-USB3-0-SATA3-PCI-E-NVME-M-2-SSD-S-G2J3/254646508345?hash=item3b4a1d5b39:g:hCEAAOSwREZfBDKn
  7. How Do I fit a standard ATX motherboard in a alienware aurora r2 d10m002?