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  1. the image is stored as a BLOB on the DB. if only i can get that BLOB from the DB out as a binaryStream then it can be converted in to a byte[] and displayed on the jsf page. where im stuck is getting that binarystream from the DB for the image.
  2. anyway, got to go to bed now. have to go to work in the morning. please leave anything you can to help me out. thank you so much.
  3. yes i tried that, and all its showing is the same part that the print line showed, no picture. i also did some changes to the getImageById in the service class. here is the code public byte[] getImageById(int categoryID) { Category category = entityManager.find(Category.class, categoryID); byte[] img = category.getPicture(); System.out.println(img); return img; } it seems to work just fine and now the only problem is how to get the full byte[ ] and showing it as an image thanks for help
  4. not an error, but all im getting from that query is this,(i got it from a prinnt line) [B@c8a7334] or a slightly different one for all the other records in the table
  5. i did some more testing and have narrowed down the problem, the ImageBean and the getImageById is only reached sometimes, when the page is loaded, so that is a problem. and i dont know how to get an array of Bytes out of a data base in java.
  6. sorry my friend, this is for a school project and all i know is that information that i have already given. database was given to us all set up to use, i know its running wildfly server, but not sure whats the database is.
  7. I'm trying to display an image that's stored in the database as byte[ ]. I need to retrieve and display it on a java faces page. here is what I have so far. all its showing in the column in just blank. Table column from the XHTML page <b:dataTableColumn> <f:facet name="header"> Image </f:facet> <o:graphicImage value="#{imageBean.getBytes(category.categoryID)}" /> </b:dataTableColumn> controller to get populate the column @Named @ApplicationScoped public class imageBean { @Inject private CategoryService service; public byte[] getBytes(int categoryID) { return service.getImageById(categoryID); } } and the Service Class @Stateful public class CategoryService { ........ ..... .... public byte[] getImageById(int categoryID) { //BufferedImage img = null; String queryString = "SELECT c FROM Category WHERE c.categoryID =" + categoryID; return (byte[]) entityManager.createQuery(queryString).getSingleResult(); <<<<<<<<<< this is where im having problem.... i think } } how do i correctly get the Byte[ ] out of the database?
  8. @nicklmg quick question, Do I reply to the email i got with the instructions, or is there a different place to submit the application? thanks.
  9. well im using a HD7970, a now upgrade will go a long way with playing the latest titles.
  10. their API is not available for new developers. they are building a new one and only the older API keys work.
  11. looking for a free/trial news or RSS feed API that can do what google feed did. either JSON or XML format not too complicated to use because not a lot of time to implement it. I would even settle for a service that search for RSS feeds from a keyword and give me a bunch of RSS feed links.
  12. Im going to take a look at it tonight. hopefully its in good condition.