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  1. Is there a known way/ vendor that we can use to replace the mounting brackets for video cards (20xx, 10xx series). to account for the replacement of the air cooler with water coolers? I would love to move my video cards to take up 1x pci slot. An example would be the EVGA 2080 TI XC Ultra. its 3x wide and I replaced the heatsink with a EK waterblock. the card now takes up 1x except for an additional display port. i would like to bring it to 2x, or even 1x with desoldering the display port.
  2. System Specs: System 1: Asus STRIX Z390-F Gaming Intel 8700K GSkill 64GB RAM 2x EVO 960 M.2s EVGA 2080 Ti XC Ultra with EK Waterblock Asus 10G NIC System 2: Asus Z9pe-D16/2L 2x E2597 V2s 128GB RDRAM 2x EVGA 1070s with EK Waterblocks 8x SSD 9x HDDs Asus 10G NIC Conclusion: I wanted something that shows my skills (although I am not a master at any of them) and I run a business, therefore I needed a server. I already had all the hardware. The server was in an old 4u case, and the PC was in a Thermaltake tower 900 case. I would have loved to throw a threadripper in and get the latest enthusiast hardware. but practicality took over.
  3. went round and round about the layout. knowing that I am going to create some heat, I have a ton of hard drives, and I have 2 complete PCs (one is a server). I will skip past it an show you the final layout System 1: System 2: Close up on hard drives there is a cutout underneath this with a filter in place so as the fans push down it forces air through the hdds to keep them cool.
  4. while i was working on the layout, I mocked up the table: to get a polish on the epoxy, it took going from 180 grit to 3000 grit (not skipping a step, and going wet at 800), then a 3 stage polisher. it took 16 hours of just sanding to get this done. and I didnt get it right the first time. a cool shot I took through the edge of the table (yes, there are bubbles, mistakes were made): after the polish job:
  5. during all this time, I created the box that the computers would sit in. this, by far, took the most amount of time. First thing to do was to mock up what it would look like under the desk: then the glue ups (we have dominoes in the joints for added support): then sanding down to 320 grit and finishing (in this pic, you can see the layout starting to take shape):
  6. as that cured, I started working on the leg. Not a whole lot to it, just welded them up, grind it down, and send it off to after grinding this is what it looked like: g after a failed attempt at rattle canning
  7. Ever since I saw the desk PC that Linus did, I wanted to create one too. One big difference is that I did not want to use MDF as I personally think it looks cheap, and not very sturdy as a table top. Linus had a piece of glass over his and that served him well. I did not want my forearms on glass anymore and I love the feel of natural wood over glass or acrylic. I also have been dying to be able to do an epoxy/live edge table. So i thought if I can do a river table with clear epoxy in it and put a shelf underneath, it would look real cool. so I started designing. I needed a larger desk than normal as I have a lot of different projects that I work on, and some are physical, so I started with 70 x 40 (all measurements are freedom units ) table top. I wanted minimalist but sturdy legs so I decided to go with 4x1 square 1/8in steel. Doing some math, that left me with a shelf of 58 x 25 x 8 to put all the computer parts in. so starts the build... First I looked for a slab that wasnt too expensive, and fit my dimensions. after running through a planer we got a very worn and ugly piece to look like this: We decided where to make the cut. Normally on live edge slabs, you cut it long ways then flip it so the live edge in in the center. I cleaned off the rot and bark: we then set up a mold and an area that was free from dust: then the pour started: it took 3 different pours and 10 days to fully cure.
  8. ended up tearing everything apart. reseated the nic and it got past that. had other errors that i was able to work through and it worked fine.
  9. i was hoping to avoid that route.... lol its under 2 inches of walnut and epoxy
  10. I have a Z9PE-D16/2L (ASUS) server board. I created a custom case for it and now it wont boot. It gives the error code 'd5'. according to asus web site, this error code means "No Space for Legacy Option ROM". I dont know what that translates too. I have removed every bit of ram except for 1 stick and it still shows this error, no hardware has changed or anything, so im not sure where to go with it.
  11. I am building a custom case with 2 motherboards. I have EK watercooling throughout and the fans and blocks have RGB. one motherboard has an RGB header. I have a total of 12 RGB fans, 3 RGB CPU waterblocks and 1 RGB GPU block. I would like to control them all with one system. Is there a way to connect them all to the one motherboard? I am aware of current limitations. not sure if using a series of hubs or something will work.
  12. I am building a custom case that has 2 motherboards in it. I want all the CPUs and GPUs watercooled. System 1: MSI Z370 SLI PLUS 2x EVGA 2080 Tis (XC with EK water blocks added) I7 8700k OC to 4.9 System 2 ASUS Z9PED16/2L 2x E5-2697 v2 2x EVGA 1070 (EK Water blocks) I currently have this pump: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-xtop-revo-dual-d5-pwm-serial-incl-pump If I go with 2 separate loops, I would need to sell that pump and buy 2 more regular D5s or something. I would like to not do that. So my thoughts were to create 1 big loop or put a splitter coming out of the pump and split between the 2 systems, and another splitter on the inlet of the res so that they come back together. is this a dumb idea? Both systems will always be running and they can both be powered down at the same time.
  13. thank you. I did that and seems that my 2080ti woke up. ill keep an eye on it and see if it stays woke