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  1. I think it is this: Ultra-Low Jitter Clock Generator (microchip.com)
  2. those copper pads worry me. I think that could be used to program something. if we are lucky, its just a testing pad.
  3. I have dabbled in creating PCBs for various projects, and there seems to be a fairly large demand for 3 slot 3090 nvlink bridges. I, as many others though, just thought that they are straight through traces from top to bottom. I broke the case to my bridge and found 2 little clusters of ICs. If there is enough interest, I can try to reverse engineer this thing and get a schematic out. First thing is first, can we get those connectors, or are they protected?
  4. I just wanted to put this here, for someone that might be googling for this issue/idea. Asus has 3 motherboards that I have gone through for my 3990x processor: Asus Prime-Pro Asus Zenith II Extreme Asus Zentih II Extreme Alpha On the Asus Prime-Pro board, there is an asterisk on the box saying that on a 3990x it will only run RAM at 2666MHz. If you think you can bump that up at all by overclocking or anything, you are wrong. you are stuck at 2666MHz period. end of story. On the Asus Zenith II Extreme, it does not have that asterisk. As a matt
  5. I have my main computer that I just re/built and got my Delta TEC last week, So I added it to my system. First, the specs: Intel 10900k (normal one, not the gold doodad) EK custom water loop (2x 480mm XE rad, 1x 240 SE rad, 360FLT pump/res combo). overkill I know, but I plan on cooling my GPUs soon Asus Maximus XII Extreme 64GB GSkill DDR3 3200 RAM (4 Sticks) 1600w EVGA P2 PSU Corsair 1000d Case I was able to get an OK overclock on just water before with 5.0GHz all core with 1.4v stable. My issue before the TEC was that the package would get too
  6. That cable has the same connector on the other side and was connected to the main backplane. I pulled everything out and put it up on a test bench to do more troubleshooting. As soon as i hooked it up, it saw all hard drives. I guess someone sprinkled FM dust on it to make it work....
  7. I took out all the fans so i can hear the drives, and they do spin up. Here is pics of the leds
  8. Hi guys/gals, I am trying to get my LSI 9206-16e to connect to my supermicro SC847 JBOD Array. its the 45 drive chassis. I have updated the firmware to P20(IT Mode) on both controllers (it has 2) and have tried a few different ways of hooking it up. It cannot see any drives. the backplane in the chassis is the BPN-SAS2-846EL1. J0 is connected to the 9206 and J0 here is connected also: One thing I have noticed is that the HDD cages turn on when I start the chassis, and then all lights go off. im not sure if the HBA is supposed to init
  9. I just put together a system that has 3 nvme drives. I have 2 on the mobo and one in the dimm.2 expansion card. I am trying to set up RAID0 between the 3 drives, and cant see the DImm.2 in Intel RST. I can see the drive in the nvme configuration area in the bios. is there a way to allow intel RST to control that drive too?
  10. one thing I did was use 2 engenius WAPs that are hardlined in. they are not in a mesh config, but they use the same SSIDs. I also have a pfsense router, but you can replace your ISP router with, well, anything.
  11. for my unraid server, I just upgraded to a 16i card and have an 8x card or 2 with (normal SAS and MiniSas)cables. HMU if you are interested. I can verify for sure these work with unraid.
  12. got my hands on a 847E16-RJBOD1 from supermicro. it holds 45 drives and I got 2.5 to 3.5 hotswap adapters for the SSDs.
  13. Does anyone know the pinout for the new nvlink? Or have a 4 slot they are willing to open? I think its straight through with an 85ohm resistor between the pairs. I would like to confirm.