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  1. My personal opinion is yeah, you made a mistake. I seriously considered getting the RMA parts and sell them, then going to EPYC or something else. I feel like maybe the pandemic or something caused QA to be rushed, or something. this is a finicky setup. if I want to run at 3600MHz, I have to power on my machine, then let it post in safe mode, then let it reboot. THEN it will boot. if I want to get into the BIOS, i have to remove my SAS card. This platform is seriously overkill for a gaming rig. I have over 20 VMs and a couple dozen docker images. also around 200TB of hard drive space with a ML
  2. @ShrimpBrime Replaced board 3 times, so its the 4th board replaced the CPU 2 times, so its the 3rd Replaced this RAM kit once. 4 different SAS controllers
  3. With a ton of help from "TheBeardedHardware" guy's discord channel, I was able to get it to boot with 3600MHz
  4. until i rebooted. cant get it back to 3600 again. but if I leave it at 2666 its fine and works great. im going to start putting the HDDs and stuff on.... wish me luck
  5. ok, So I got the cable and a docking station. I got 1 display through but the USB isnt working. Ive reinstalled the TB3 drivers. and still troubleshooting. I have an ASUS Maximus XII Extreme with the OOTB TBT3 card.
  6. @tdkid Yeah, I needed tons of cooling. its a 3990x with 2 RTX Titans and a 2080Ti all watercooled. I have another 1000D for my main case too. I love it. not sure if it was worth the price though.
  7. no, but i am thoroughly impressed! mine looks like this: (HDD Cage in the back under the UPS
  8. I have parts everywhere lol. holding down the table, part of the floor, and keeping that one wall up...
  9. Update, got my GSKILL RMA back. got 8 new dimms 3600MHz, fingers crossed when my board gets back...
  10. This is with my normal workload running (Teams, discord, etc)
  11. You were right. I disabled that and rebooted. Got the little notification that SLI is possible
  12. Asus Maximus XII Extreme, 10900k. I verified that the Mobo does support SLI. and I didnt see anything in the bios to explicitly disable or enable it. I do have the following settings: Rebar is Auto Above 4G decoding is Enabled and PCIEx4 is set to 4x instead of 2x but that should only affect HDDs plugged into SATA5 and 6