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  1. Normally, yes. It's a quick way to fry something. But when it comes to audio, the amount is negligible. Headphone jacks only output around 10-20 milliwatts of power.
  2. CTIA and OMTP are just different committees trying to standardize things, like betamax vs vhs, blu-ray vs HD-DVD, etc. I think CTIA won out as it's now the standard most used. No. I don't think so. I've repaired plenty of headphones / headsets and from my experience, it's pretty hard to really damage and break them with standard use. You would need to either physically damage them or run a lot of power through them, which 3.5mm jacks shouldn't do. If that happens, you would have other issues. Try searching "ctia splitter" on ebay/amazon/preferred e-commerce sto
  3. Boom Pro is CTIA, if the adapter is OMTP, I imagine the connection will be like so, G is still grounded. It's just grounded to Mic. When he half-pulls the plug, he ends up connecting Mic correctly. He theoretically should be missing L channel when half pulled but have full stereo in full insertion.
  4. It sounds like you got an incompatible adapter. I believe your adapter is wired for OMTP conversion. Look for something that will split audio & mic for headsets that are compatible with Xbox / Playstation / Switch. No, that's normal.
  5. I have a Zephyrus G14 (R9 4900HS & RTX 2060 max-q) and I've seen that happen occasionally on my setup as well. I've found that if I reboot the laptop, it'll start up consuming high 20s to low 30s in wattage but then come down to 7-10ish for general windows usage (software dev included). I haven't narrowed it down to what's causing it but a lot of other G14 owners seem to think that it's due to waking up from sleep. A lot of users use hibernate instead of sleep and it seems to have solved it for them.
  6. I'm trying to get g-sync working in my setup also (Zephyrus G14 and Viewsonic XG2405) and from all the research that I've done, I don't think you'll get it working in your situation unfortunately. G-sync requires DP to DP or DP to usb-c DP / usb-c alt mode. The docking station method wouldn't work due to your usb ports. The usb3 ports can only handle up to 5Gbps, which is enough for 1440p@50/60hz. Your HDMI 2.0 port is your best option. As for why you're being stuck at 120hz, do you have both laptop display and monitor on at the same time?
  7. Only recently replaced a floodlight over my garage with a eufy floodlight cam. Flirted with the idea of buying some indoor cams and then promptly reminded why this is not worth pursuing.
  8. Try disabling "usb selective suspend" in power options. I had similar problems with my DAC. Disabling usb selective suspend solved that problem.
  9. It's a $8 part on Amazon Replacing it doesn't appear to be difficult from pictures. Looks like all you need to do is pop the cover off and the cable and jack is accessible. Shouldn't take more than 15 mins to DIY.
  10. This. I was watching WAN show when they announced they found leftover stock of deskpads on Jan 15th. Snagged a 1000mm x 400mm.