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  1. yeah I had to get my service provider to accept and register my modem before it would start working after moving. that doesn't explain why your wifi works though...
  2. Your build looks awesome. I'd be sure to have a NVMe SSD...new open world games like Cyberpunk 2077, and old open world games, will make full use of it.
  3. If that doesn't work...try logging into your eero modem using these instructions: https://support.eero.com/hc/en-us/articles/207937603-How-do-I-set-up-eero- It might be just going thru the setup of both the modem and router all over again may fix your problems. By the time you're done you'll be a certified network technician
  4. that's a tough one. I see that it has 4 slots...have you tried every imaginable configuration of using the differing slots ? Forgive my ignorance of any limitations of how the slots can be used.
  5. And you are sure the wifi you are connecting to is your wifi and not your neighbor's ? I know that might be a stupid question.
  6. You should get back "0% loss" if you are chatting with outside world by ethernet conenction...like this. Ok...so can you unplug the power plug for your eero modem for like 60 seconds...then plug it back into the electrical socket...then give it time to boot up (can take up to 5 minutes on some) and then hard wire your pc directly to it...and then again perform the "ping" test ?
  7. Eventually you likely will have to login to your router using these instructions...then figure out why it won't allow a wired connection...I'm assuming you are attempting to wire your pc and switch directly to the router and not the modem? https://www.192-168-1-1-ip.co/router/arris/touchstone-cm8200/5503/
  8. can you run a wire directly to the eero modem? Might mean unplugging your router from it if it only has one connection. Then do you see a good ethernet connection? If not...can you open a command line and enter "ping" and hit enter?
  9. you have separate modem and router or they the same box? Can you login to your modem/router and see if some of the settings have changed? Strange that your Nintendo is connecting thru wire....does the Nintendo have wifi...can you disable it to make sure it's the wired connection that's working? Also, can you attempt to connect to the ethernet and disable wifi on your pc...then try to ping ?
  10. I would say latest generation of HP server within your budget, but not sure if your drives would work with it. The out of the box servers are just easy to work with. Are all those drives 2.5" ? If so then a good ole DL380 or DL360 would work, but not so much with the m.2.
  11. For 80 maple leafs...sure it's worth it. That said you will still have to buy drives..not sure if it will work with SSD.
  12. Be sure to place the opened container of lawn mower gas inside the box first for heaven's sake.
  13. You might want to do a restart, but not before disabling all non essential start up programs in task manager. Then after restart run "tasklist /v"...should be fewer tasks running...then look for the oddball. You can write the contents of the command out to a file: "tasklist /v >> listoftasks.txt" That might help, but i'm just spit balling...
  14. Sorry I don't know if you can find it by looking within your system...someone may know different. Think you have to create a MS account online and within the account you have the option to register your OS key...link it to your MS account in short...make sense? The MS service has the black magic required to find the key within your present OS installation -or- MS simply makes a note that your current installation is registered/legit and that you are eligible to have a fresh install activated on that specific machine. Then after you reinstall Win 10 you can sign into your MS account online and re-activate your present, fresh install...make sense? I've not done it that way before...but now I think I should register my current key (or registered/legit installation) cause I'm sure I'll need to do it sometime in the future.