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  1. I have a dell inspiron 3671 desktop. Suddenly my front jack microphone has stopped working. When i plug in my headphones in the front jack, I can hear completely fine, however the microphone on the headset doesn't work. I tried another headset and it is the same problem. when i check the sound control panel and go to the microphone section it says that a mic is not even plugged in.
  2. i have the same problem which solution worked for you?
  3. I see that, but since it is a dell prebuilt the air flow is honderdous, so think that my cpu being a lot lower can allow my gpu to get cooler air but ya it might be pointless but i still want to try it out if it is possible.
  4. i mean i guess but if i can and its easy i would be good to reduce the temp.
  5. I don't no if you can see but the volatges are grayed out
  6. I have a dell prebuilt, which has a intel stock cooler. this means that I cannot change anything like fan speed in the bios. The temps are around 80 when gaming.
  7. ( I know you wanted tkl, but just incase) I was thinking of getting that same model, but I went down to a 60 percent keyboard and picked up the rk61. i think that it is really good and you can get a good discount on it and get it for under 50 dollars sometimes. It has a solid built quality and the switches feel pretty good. The stabilization is ok I would say. Two added perks that it also has over the km is that it has rgb lighting and it can be used wirelessly also. However there are also some benefits to the g skill for example it is a lot more processional and has real mx switches
  8. Hello, I have a desktop that has a i5-9400 not the f version. I also have a laptop with a i7-8665u, which i recently undervolted using xtu software. It really helped the temps and wanted to do the same for my desktop as I wanted to bring down the temperature. However, when I went into xtu on my desktop, I could not change the voltage on the cpu. Is this because this is a desktop cpu, as the laptop cpu is also locked but it lets me undervolt. if anyone has any solutions to this that allows me to undervolted my cpu that would be great.
  9. So I have around a 1000 dollar setup at the moment which i built couple months back. Right now the prices of components are outrageous. I recommend waiting a couple of months until the prices come back to normal. Concerning the 3050ti, no one really knows if that card is really going to come out, as they didn't have a 2050.
  10. the focus was bad on my phone but these are the pictures I got, the right one is higher than the left one and I cant force the right one any more down.
  11. actually after further analysis i can see that the right stabilizer is higher than the left. What i mean is that the actualy plus sing thing is higher on the right side than the left. so how do i fix that .
  12. i did not clean the stabliers, i think it would be better if i send a picture, so give me secend to put one
  13. I would prefer that the solution is pretty easy and doesn't involve me buying other stuff, but if it come down to that, it is fine.