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  1. TOdom

    Unlimited data?

    Yeah but if I want to listen to new music at random the way Spotify does if you just search a song and let it play without a playlist selected then I can't really download it. And If there's a podcast only available on youtube then I can't download it without YT premium
  2. Logitech G703 or G403 (wireless/wired respectively) are great and similarly shaped. Not sure about price conversion rates cuz I'm from the US, but they're basically the logitech equivalents
  3. Not sure about that specific model, but I've had an AOCg2460pf (144hz 1080) and it would just turn black at random points for 5ish seconds for no reason. I changed every cable and used 2 different monitors of the same model and they had the same problem with each other. Since I've had my BenQ 2546XL (240hz 1080) I haven't experienced that problem at all. BenQ/Zowie has the best rep for gaming monitors
  4. TOdom

    Unlimited data?

    I'm a pizza guy and I really just want to listen to music and podcasts in the car, and I know neither of those take up too much data but I'm hitting my cap really early and it sucks. Maybe an unlimited subscription based hotspot or something would be better if those exist?
  5. Not exactly mobile GAMING, but is there any cell provider in the US that gives you ACTUALLY unlimited data? Everything I find is like "unlimited but you get throttled to completely unusable speeds at 'x' GB", anyone know if a provider has actually no cap unlimited data? Or if not is there some sort of loophole? My manager said she did some loophole with Verizon and get unlimited...
  6. I plug a cat6 cable into my modem and the other end into my PC and get 200. I plug a cat6 cable into my modem and the other end into my router, then another cat6 from my router to my PC and get 60. I get 60 on my phone over wifi
  7. We are getting 200mbps down from our ISP, and I've confirmed that when I hook directly into the modem via Ethernet, that I will get that 200mbps. It's when I plug my modem into my router (because I can't be plugged directly into the modem all the time, lest my family has no internet connection) that I am only getting 60mbps down on the same Ethernet cable. I've checked my router specs (Linksys ea6400) and it assures me that the Ethernet ports are all 1gbps. Edit: I have a CAT6 cable going from my modem to my router, and another CAT6 cable going from my router to my PC, so it's not the Ethernet cables
  8. I'm not in Europe, no Thanks for looking for me though
  9. The Ducky One 2 RGB is out of stock on mechanicalkeyboards,com which is the ONLY place I know that I can get it (just broke mine like an idiot). They're saying it'll be 3 months minimum before they get any more in. Before I go to best buy tomorrow and pick up a similar Logitech keyboard, does anyone know where I can buy a Ducky One 2 RGB that isn't MK? I've checked ebay and amazon with no luck
  10. Looks like my keyboard won't be available for 3+ months from Mechanicalkeyboards,com which is the only place I know of to find them. Best buy has a similar enough logitech option that I'll probably pick up tomorrow. I know best buy is usually overpriced af but the keyboard I want is on sale and they do price match anyways. Thx for talking with me, I'm gonna miss this fucking keyboard man I love it so so so much
  11. What he said about "I like knowing when I've pressed the key" is exactly how I feel about it. Especially for csgo, gotta counter-strafe really precisely and tactile switches are great for it. Obviously you can get precise movement with lighter/quieter switches, but for me personally it's easier with heavier louder switches
  12. I bought mine cuz of what I heard about cherry mx switches and the fact that the bezels are super slim
  13. Yeah I like blues as well. I'm not really a typist or anything like that, but I'm kind of a tacti-phile. The way things feel to touch (and in this case to press down on) really matter to me
  14. Almost no big company uses cherry mx, they're just making their own. That's why I'm resorting to a keyboard that's more fragile than glass to play competitive games on lmao. Oh and a hand rest is a massive no go for me. I need a full size mechanical keyboard but I need it as non-bulky as possible. Both for practical and personal preference reasons. I don't like the feel of putting my arm/wrist on something that isn't my actual desk/keyboard and I play games with the keyboard angled at 45 degrees and really close to the edge of the table. The rest would stab my gut while playing as I also play hella close to the desk. I play csgo if you couldn't tell by that description lol
  15. Yea RIP. Guess I'll grab a cheap one from Best Buy or something. Need small bezels and clicky switches