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  1. Update - I took it apart, was only 4 screws and 2 plugs. I think it had been changed in the past but it was all dried up and I there were no thermal pads where i was expecting them to be. I assembled it back the way it was with the new paste and in Destiny 2 (my main game) the temps dropped 20 deg! and it cools down much faster when the fans are on or returning to idle
  2. I've given it a good clean inside and I changed the chassis fan config, its a CIT 7 case so its a bit cramped as it is. Live and learn to not just go with the first case I like the look of haha
  3. UPDATE If anyone is interested, reading in the BIOS something caught my eye, when overclocking be aware the PCI will overclock too and could be unstable. I disabled the OC a few times then when I checked found Ryzen was still boosting. I messed about with a few settings so it only maxes out at 3.6 the stock speed and it has been stable since I can go into more detail if anyone else is having the same problem, this is after a lot of trial and error
  4. I've heard that its good practice to change the paste and pads on older GPU's (mine is about 5 years old) I'm regularly running up to 80-83 degrees and is throttling down 100mhz usually I have as good airflow as I can achieve with the case I have so I got some Arctic Silver 5 and some pads so I can take it apart and clean it etc. Is this a good idea and is Arctic 5 worth using or should I get something else (I am on a budget so max £10) Is there much difference in the 980 ti cards if i look up a "how to" video? I built my own pc and stripped my lapt
  5. Thank you, that makes a lot of sense when you say it like that
  6. I picked up a noctua fan controller pretty cheap as I was concerned about running fans off one header. I only have one controllable header from the board in my case
  7. I've done memtest and it was fine. I wouldn't know if it would cause instability that's why I'm asking. I really don't know much about it. I am right in assuming that I have 2 sticks of dual channel ram? And would 2 sticks of single channel be better on a Ryzen system?
  8. Would it cause any instability when gaming? I've had some since I made the system but again I wouldn't know if it was a ram problem
  9. That seems right the only thing I noticed was the TRC is 74 and not 72? does that make any difference?
  10. I ordered from amazon after the Manufacturer answered a question saying that it was compatible Question: Is this compatible with the asrock b450m pro4 motherboard? if so can 2 of these be used together on the motherboard or will this cause any issue? Answer: Thanks for your question. The ASRock B450M Pro4 can take a maximum of 64GB over 4 slots. These 8GB modules are compatible so you can use two together just fine. By Micron CPG Customer Service Eu… MANUFACTURER on 21 November 2018
  11. B450 pro4-f MB Ryzen 3200g Crucial Ballistix ddr4 3200mhz RAM 2x8Gb https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07WMMG2TG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I'm wondering why its 2400 (1200mhz) but single rank on here and max bandwidth is not ddr4-3200 as it should be? I am running XMP profile 2.0 @3200mhz Have I set this up correctly? should it be dual rank 1600mhz on each stick? Sorry for the basic questions its not something I have been able to put some time into learning
  12. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01127D0MY/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is the exact one I have, would 600w be powerful enough to replace it with? It sucks I am unemployed now and the returns to amazon closed mid march.
  13. I Had this problem when I first built my system (I will list everything I have done to troubleshoot) I get random restarting, no BSOD, during gaming. It "went away" now its back. To give context I managed to stream Destiny 2 with OBS streamlabs @50fps while the game ran on max graphics limited to 99fps (dipped to 80 during heavy sections) no stutters 3 benq monitors with spotify running. NOW it's came back can't run destiny by itself without restarting System Ryzen 3 3200g (stock cooler) originally overclocked to 4000 @1.375mhz (in BIOS) AsRock B450 Pro4-f
  14. I'll have a lot of time on my hands now to check this out, I'm going to rearrange my gear then I'll see how it goes. Thanks guys