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  1. You’re welcome, have a good day : )
  2. PS5 is coming next year, I can’t suggest you to buy ps4 right now. But if you can not wait, then PS4 pro is more likely to meet your needs.
  3. You can try Lenovo store at this time(be quick, is cyber Monday) https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/d/deals/laptops?sort=price-asc&currentResultsLayoutType=grid I saw some pretty good prices right now.
  4. Sorry, I’m living Japan, so went to amazon.jp. I thought there was no such difference on price. Thanks for the information
  5. But if they do this at office or lounge......
  6. I doubt they got some(crazy) ideas that so different from us. I mean, they are Linus RGB Group
  7. After c24g1/11 va panel/1080p/144/23.4 inchs Sorry, It’s around 200$ , i think it’s petty good
  8. I think if they make a video on this, they probably gonna RGB the whole bathroom. Also It will be amazon if they sell this at lttstore.com
  9. Yeah, Ultimate RGB bathroom something like that
  10. Sorry, I post at wrong place
  11. I just saw this on weibo, did anybody really bought this? There are a lot at alibaba.com.