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  1. i guess i agree with not having them at %100
  2. lets say you are connected to the closest server and you have 70ms it will take 70 millisecondss for the server to respond to actions but someone who is closer to the server who has 20ms it will take 20 milliseconds for the server to respond making the person closer to the server have a advantage.
  3. do you guys prefer amd or intell i prefer intel.
  4. it would most likely help to upgrade to 8 or higher gigs of ram
  5. having a competition to see who can build the worst pc with a budget of 100 dollars
  6. Games like cod fortnite battlefield v and rainbow six running frames around 120 or higher at 1080p
  7. What do you guys think a decent price would be. Intel core i9 and 1080ti gpu would be nice but I’d have to look into it
  8. Probably the psu I would replace it after doing more research