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  1. Everything crashes and one color appears on the screen (blue, green, black) and I have to force shut the pc. I had 20.4.1 and its the same thing
  2. I wanted to see if someone wanted to help me XD. I posted a new topic of what happened
  3. So it all started a few day ago when I cleaned my pc with a vacuum cleaner and after turning it on it would crash randomly. I messed around with ram and somehow managed to work. On that day my new gpu arrived (Rx 560). I replaced it and install the latest drivers. It worked perfectly until I started build in rust. The pc would crash and random color would appear on the screen. I tryed install the 20.2.2 version of drivers but it still happened. I tried testing my pcu and everything was fine (all the V were fine). Other games that I played worked fine (Minecraft, Tf2, The Cycle). Idk what to do anymore and Rust Is like my favorite game. Also when I go to my drivers it says: Rx 550/550 series, even tho I have Rx 560 (4GB).
  4. Can someone add me on discord so I can explain what happened
  5. Ive seen blue black green gray and more, So your saying that I should switch from Hdmi to dvi Other games work fine btw
  6. Hello, so I plugged my new gpu in my pc. Everything works fine but when I start to build in Rust (game) it crashes and shows a random color on the screen. This only happens when I try to build my base. I tryed to reinstall drivers, install old drivers ( I tried Radeon 20.4.1 and 20.2.2) And it still doesn't work. I don't know if I should install the drivers that came in the box. This is my first experience with Adm and also the drivers recognize my gpu as a Rx 550/550 series but I have Rx 560, and even tho it has everything rx 560 should have.
  7. I looked at win Event Viewer Should I download download some program?
  8. I checked my logs and it just says at what time it crashed
  9. Hello everyone, I am hoping someone here may have seen this issue before and can provide input on what may be causing it. It started a after I puted my new rx 560 in my pc (I was having a problem that day with my pcu that day, I cleand it with a vacuum cleaner and after turning it on it would crash randomly but somehow it maneged to work) while I was playing Rust. My PC randomly crashed to show a solid color on each monitor and there was a skipping sound like it was stuck on the last segment of sound it made. It was completely unresponsive and I had to hold the power button down to restart. After I turned it back on it ran fine for about an hour then did it again. It is a random color each time and some that I have seen have been green, cyan, blue, gray, maroon etc. The one thing that I cant explain is that when I look at the temps on amd drivers, ITS FINE AND NOTHING CRASHES. But when im not looking for hour it crashes.
  10. Its a used rx 560 (I can return it) And when I go to my drivers (Radeon Software) it says Rx 550/550 series. All tho the seller bought it brand new 2 years ago and the graphics card has everything what rx 560 should have.
  11. Yes, I already tested my old card and it works fine. And just one more thing, when I keep cheking the gpu temp (in amd 2020 program idk how its called) its fine. But when Im not looking for like an hour it crashes. What is up with that?
  12. Bro I just replaced thermal paste. Played Rust for a while and it happened again, but this time the screen was light blue.
  13. Should I put my old gpu and see how it does?
  14. So I just putted new graphics card in my pc (its a used on and the seller sead he had it for like 2 years). Playing games and the temp are 75c minimum on Rust and just when im not looking screen just goes dark grey, I open my case and touch my gpu and is hot. Should I replace thermal paste?