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  1. I'm not sure if having a higher refresh rate is really needed cause I won't be gaming on it anyways.
  2. Hi, I'm currently using a laptop with: i7-8550U 16GB RAM HDMI 1.4 USB C https://www.amazon.com/BenQ-2560x1440-PD2700Q-Animation-Flicker-Free/dp/B01K1INYWG?th=1 I was thinking of getting this monitor for my external monitor. Would it lag a lot? Or would it be fine? I heard that HDMI 1.4 supports 1440p, so that's not my concern. Or is there any recommendations of a good monitor under $600~$700? I'll be using it for mostly coding and surfing the web + watching movies. The reason I picked BenQ is because I just love the colors on it.
  3. I made up my mind I'll go for the ultrawide
  4. Hi I'm thinking of getting an external monitor for my 15.6" laptop. I won't be playing any games on it and I'll be using it for manily programming and university work. Would it be better to use a 34" Ultrawide monitor for my laptop and optional dual monitor setup with my laptop OR get a 1440p 27"widescreen monitor and have a dual monitor setup w/ my laptop? Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm planning on buying a laptop for going back to school (which starts on March). I was thinking of getting the xps 15 9560 (i7 7700HQ, 16GB ram, 512 ssd, 15" FHD) and there are a couple of options. 1. Ask someone to buy the laptop from dell US and bring it to where I live. this option is 333 dollars cheaper if bad QC happens I can't return the product or check to see if there are any issues with the laptop, because the person I'm asking the favor doesn't know much about computers. 2. Buy the laptop from where I live right now. buying it from the official website but it is more expensive. if bad QC happens I could return the product and order new ones until I get a decent one 3. Buy a new laptop after CES 2018. hopefully a new laptop that suits my needs comes out. maybe a coffee lake i7 HQ processor?
  6. Thanks guys I didn't think of replacing the HDD with the SSD. The Thinkpad will be a good option here.
  7. Hi I'm trying to get a laptop for my mother within the price range of $350~$450 (cheaper is fine too). She uses the laptop for basic internet browsing and some word documents. She doesn't carry around the laptop a lot, so portability and design is not what I'm looking for. And no chromebooks. It just need to be a decent laptop which she can use for a long time and she doesn't need a lot of storage, so SSD is a must here. If you guys have any recommendations it'll be helpful if you guys could help. Thanks
  8. Thanks guys I'll try tht out and see if it works. It's an iso so thts probably the reason why
  9. The system doesn't show "press any key to boot from CD" and only shows "press f2 or DEL" to go to BIOS and in the bios, the CD shows up on the screen, but it isn't recognized. But seeing that booting from the other HDD doesn't work as well, I'm not sure what the problem is.
  10. I was building a new pc and everything seemed to be alright, but then when I tried to install windows to it, the system won't boot up to the installation. Then so I tried to troubleshoot and when I plugged in an old hard drive to see if there is any problem, but then at the boot up screen, the blue screen popped up for like a sec and turned off. I don't know how to fix this problem. Help!
  11. There's not much you could do about it from what I know of. I would just leave the lid open I guess?
  12. If you did what the guy above said and still doesn't work, in the worst case scenario possibly it could be a hardware problem because a lot of laptops have their wireless connection cables running through the part which connects the monitor and the bottom half and stops the internet from working perhaps? But it's probably a software issue.
  13. Thanks I was thinking of using the ssd as a boot drive and since there is the old hdd I could possibly use that if it's in ok condition I'll try to mix all of you guys' recommendations
  14. Trying to build a budget build pc for approximately from $400 ~ $500 ish The build is for some (not heavy, just a bit) video editing/rendering with just basic daily use, games won't be played on this computer as this is for someone else to use at their home. What will be the best build for the budget? This is what I come up with so far. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/oc0110/saved/Wd4323