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    Intel Core i7 4690K
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    Z97 MSI SLI Krait
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    Kingston Hyper X Fury 2x4GB
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    Hyper X Clouds
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    Windows 10

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  1. I'm actually considering this, or the OP3 as a next phone. Really like the unibody design, though I suppose it'l need a skin/case so it doesn't slip. The finger scanner being on the back is nice, so is the expandable storage option. Also hurray for 64GB being standard screw 16GB. Lastly is that dedicated audio they got going seems pretty sweet, would love to see how it handles the higher end cans. Though I'd like to see if they'll unlock the bootloader. *Also low light performance seems sketchy, which is a shame. And a few software annoyances I'd like them to iron out.
  2. Mhmm yh I did that according to koka's suggestion, and i know that works.I thought the values would already be there seeing that my browser is set to remember the login details... gonna work on it a bit more, see if there is a way to do the same without having to assign a value
  3. @Mr_KoKa so if set the password/ username value by myself in jQuert it works, but ill work on it a bit more so it doesn't need to this
  4. Oh I'll try this and let you know how well it goes.
  5. So its called a fall? Good thing to know. Also, off topic but you proficient in jQuery.If you are I'd appreciate if you would look at my other thread. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/456363-need-some-help-with-jquery-and-making-chrome-extensions/#entry6124428
  6. Anybody proficient in jQuery willing to give a hand?
  7. the way i understand is its missing the break; so it runs till the end? Since only when i do that will it give the expected result
  8. so how does it ever cout<<y; a 2? because there isn't a break shouldn't it like well break...
  9. oh it's just a question i have to solve (spotting code errors and all that). Yeah my friends with dev C++ says it compiles fine...
  10. Ah ok thanks. Another thing if you don't mind. say we have something like this int x;int y;x=3;switch (x+3){ case 6: y = 0; case 7: y = 1; default: y += 1; } this would cause the it to run each case yeah? Until it reaches default? so first y would be assigned 0 , then 1 ,and then y= y+1 thus 1+1 so 2?
  11. I got this mcq am wondering if i got the right idea:
  12. Justa bunch of stuff flashing purple specifically something called pformusername numspan and the password counterpart, also discovered that i'f i press a key on the keyboard like "k" or arrowup it logs in.
  13. SLICK:"I use Steam/FB/Twitter to login, are those accounts screwed? : Nope, those are handled in a special way, you are fine."
  14. So here's what I'm tryna do: I'm trying to make a script to click the login button or submit a form for a website so I don't need to click log in every time I open the site since that particular website log you out after a session expires. Here's the code I currently have : Currently what is does is infinitely refreshing the page and the website says "Invalid login please try again". (Have the assumption that its a loop error or something ). Sometimes if you randomly click the page(not button) it somehow logs in. Some help directed to what I need to do would be helpful.