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  1. whenever I close the lid of the laptop parsec stops streaming the video but the audio keeps going, I would like to use parsec with the lid closed
  2. I made a hot key which is XButton1 & WheelUp:: Send {Volume_Up}, it is giving a error of invalid hotkey after running it. and the invalid hotkey is coming because of the WheelUp as if I remove it the script works
  3. but the program included for programming the mouse is garbage
  4. Sorry that is my bad as the intel cpu will thermal throttle as well
  5. Yes I agree, but getting latest gen will be better than last gen in the Ryzen line up
  6. As the OP will be using the laptop for gaming the higher clock speeds of the intel and higher memory speed compatibility will help a bit
  7. yaa, but it wont be better than the i5-9300H
  8. AMD Ryzen 7 3750H is based on zen+ which is on there 12nm package and that video is for the zen 2 which is there 7nm package
  9. I use for Programming and 3d design, and some civ 6
  10. specs: i5 8250U nvidia geforce 940mx 8 gb ddr4 memory 1 tb hdd 5400rpm