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  1. Desoldering Wick (braid) is easy to use, and can be better than a desoldering pump in some cases.
  2. I upgraded to a Wd blue 3d nand, recently and wnated to know if that was any good for managing data between the 1tb hdd and 250gb ssd.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/ASUS/comments/93csff/help_asus_x542uq_ssd_compatibility/ I found this, so I guess a nvme wont work even if my slot only have "M" key
  4. No I havent, I dunno where to find it. LIke I am not finding anything on the Asus website
  5. yea, Ik that it is cheap but I've read some negative reviews on it (related to reliability) if that is correct idk
  6. India, every computer part is expensive here. and a correction it is $41, and I will buy the 240gig m.2 as the 2.5" would be the same price if I equate in the price of the drive caddy and the 2.5"
  7. the 120gb one is of $24 and the 240gb is of $45. I would just wait for offers or something
  8. would it be fine to install in a cd/dvd sata. if it is I would need a casing for installing the ssd, so that would be the same price of the m.2
  9. I've to install it in a laptop so the 2.5" sata slot is occupied by the hard drive
  10. So wont it fit no more than windows, as windows is 40gb and would be better than hdd and will 70 TBW will be enough
  11. I m looking forward to upgrade by hard drive to a ssd and I was looking at teh Su650 120gb m.2 version and will 120gb be ok for windows and some program as a 1 tb hdd will be running in parallel.
  12. What is the difference between the Adata Su650 and the samsung 860 evo, as they have the same read write speeds. Is it that the Samsung one has dram cache and the Adata is a dram-less ssd? I would like to know how big of a difference it will make in a general use, as I've never used a ssd before. and any other recommendations would be nice for a 250 gb ssd.
  13. would there be any speeds penalties if I install a ssd in sata interface of the cd drive in my laptop, would there be any changes the manufacturer has made. I have a Asus vivobook X542UQR
  14. whenever I close the lid of the laptop parsec stops streaming the video but the audio keeps going, I would like to use parsec with the lid closed
  15. I made a hot key which is XButton1 & WheelUp:: Send {Volume_Up}, it is giving a error of invalid hotkey after running it. and the invalid hotkey is coming because of the WheelUp as if I remove it the script works
  16. but the program included for programming the mouse is garbage
  17. Sorry that is my bad as the intel cpu will thermal throttle as well
  18. Yes I agree, but getting latest gen will be better than last gen in the Ryzen line up