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  1. No worries, the db uses averages of scores in the event of something like this on a particular WU etc. it will move the needle up, but the more regular WU's will pull it back down in to the normal range over a little time.
  2. I hear ya, I'm down to one card at the moment... my office got way beyond sensible considering I work in it all day.
  3. Hi Everyone, The latest version v1.1.1 is available now. This version is the one that uses extension storage to remember your no sleep and animations settings. Enjoy, Cheers.
  4. The latest version of the extension has been submitted to Google for review. It will use the extension storage system to hold the last known state of no sleep and animation modes that should persist beyond page refreshes and browser updates. This required adding the storage permission to the extension which requires additional review from Google so I will keep you posted as to when it's cleared and published, but it may be a little longer than usual. Thanks to @Kilrah @marknd59 for questions and comments leading to this feature addition.
  5. That will be the F@H service glitching or restarting. There is a session ID in the F@H system, if the SID gets out of sync with the service on the system and the one the browser is still trying to use to communicate it will reset / refresh the page. There is nothing I can do to override this behavior in the F@H service from Chrome. @Kilrah has requested a way to make the extension to remember it was in no sleep mode. This might be the best solution to both issues, I could look in to keeping a few of these types of settings in long term cookies so if the session or browser (updates) resets etc. it loads to the same state it was in last. I will give this a look asap.
  6. Get some rest between you job here and there. A little whiskey might be a good idea too.
  7. Same data, different name, that entry is showing the same backend processor as a KO so I changed the name. Can you give me the make and exact model of your 2060 so I can make a note in the dB code it’s actually a 2060 if that entry shows up in the data in this case. thanks
  8. This list is recent PPD values for a number of cards you can get new or used which may help you on the "worth it to fold" part of the equation looking for GPUs. https://folding.lar.systems/folding_data/gpu_ppd_overall In terms of what may work on a 6PIN connector in RTX cards the 2060 and 2060 K0 have versions with only one connector if you look for them. Otherwise 1060s are affordable and 6PIN in many cases, but not nearly as power / PPD efficient as RTX series.
  9. Personally I would be looking at the Gigabyte boards because they will likely have bifurcation like their X570 boards which means I can use M.2 risers and all kinds of crazy crap to make it a mobo that can run 7-8 GPUs if you want to run a mining case (and I just happen to have one sitting in the shed). Want that sweet 4x PCI lanes per card so the PPD does not take a hit.
  10. These two by the looks if you want both to be PCIE Gen 4.0 https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?N=100007625 600009016 601334778&ActiveSearchResult=True&SrchInDesc=B550 Then these have a PCIE Gen 4.0 and then another or 2 PCIE gen 3.0 https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?N=100007625 600009016 600474769&ActiveSearchResult=True&SrchInDesc=B550
  11. Many of the higher end X570 boards do, only some with PCIE bifurcation though if you wanted to split the channels up. What B550 seems to be bringing to the table is 2 X16 slots in PCIE 4.0 with 16 or 8 lanes wired to the CPU (3000, 4000 series) Then another 16x slot that is 8x commonly and wired to the chipset. That's a lot of PCIE that is fast enough to game on with multiple cards, way more lanes than you need to fold on a GPU (4x in most cases) B350 / 450 - Almost always was X16 @16, X16@4x at PCie 3.0... with sometimes another X16@4x but PCIE 2.0
  12. Why is motion blur, especially in FPS games even a thing... does anyone prefer it?
  13. Why would you want your games to not look cinematic?
  14. Ahh the good old of days of fighting with drivers and video settings to get 24 FPS and being thrilled when you did
  15. The issue is now... NV Link (SLI) is only really there for certain data applications and synthetic benchmarks, pretty much useless in gaming / day to day etc. They seemed to therefore be killing it off... But then. B550. B550 mobos have the CPU support, PCIE lanes and in most cases I have seen dual GPU support even with the PCI X16 slot spacing setup to support 2 thick boi cards. AMD is even touting the boards "Dual GPU" support at 16 and 8X... So... either AMD is planning to use PCIE 4.0 to finally make AMD crossfire worth it on their net gen cards... or NVidia is going to return to SLI cause PCIE 4.0 is going so mainstream on AMD platforms the bandwidth is just sitting there for insane cards. OR (marketing brain) AMD just likes the sound of dual GPU support for B550 and no one really needs that as for most cases RTX cards out already are OP for most people and way out of budget to have multiple for just gaming.
  16. This issue should be resolved in the latest build published v1.1.0 Version 1.1.0 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- Fix - Case where project description does not match currently displayed GPU comparison WU project ID when in no sleep mode.
  17. It’s the new WUs that start with 17... they are brutal for ppd
  18. The base clients programming is going to push me to burn it all and write it from scratch... I can feel it..
  19. The song of the day meets the RGB for greater FPS and heat theme required for Folding.
  20. I have now reached the point in the event where most of my cases have various panels removed and drinking liquids in my office is very sketchy.
  21. I would love to see a stream or video on the automatic cloud instance / scaling for folding. And Canadian data centers are more cost effective as we just open the windows for most the year to cool
  22. Launching drunk... just like the Apollo era Astronauts
  23. I have not played KSP this week... probably saved a lot of Kerman lives as a result
  24. There is a PPD impact on the GPU, big or small depending on the game, how much VRAM is uses and you have etc. even if small it's there and if the game you are playing is CPU heavy, that can choke the GPU and drop PPD that way. I can monitor PPD production and watch it drop watching a YouTube video... hell, a bunch of us proved there was a tiny impact from animated GIFs in browsers. If it's on screen and moving it's running the 3D mode of the video card (in windows 10 anyways)... PPD is highest when your screens have turned off and GPU can just go Burr.