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  1. The people reporting numbers in the 2 Mil range are currently running on target, looks like PPD reward / WUs have changed over the past two weeks for the card which happens when projects that reward heavy are replaced by something else.
  2. Hi, There are multiple 1070s and other GPUs with duplicate records because they will be slight variations on the model as identified by F@H client (and shown under the card name) so the records are kept separate as the different revisions, mobile units etc. behave differently with different firmware/hardware. In terms of the ranks, they are based on real-time data that is collected form users using the extension and are averaged across different work units and projects which have different PPD rewards that can and do change. As for you card reporting low P
  3. LAR_Systems

    Okay, there's definitely something weird happen…

    Going to need a bit more info
  4. I'm hoping you will find it back online now. Looks like something changed on server/browser communication, made a couple changes and loos like its running for me. You might need to clear browser caches to see it go right away. Cheers,
  5. You were right to call it out, the publishing service was stuck. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. I saw this, the issue is the project throws a 404 on their API, like they were handing out work units but did not add it to the project list, so I can't get the ID, to store the data correctly, once F@H ads it' to the DB for the API, my end will pick it up and associate all the back data. It's why their project description window does not load as well.
  7. I just dropped a 2950TR on SI and a RTX 3090 will run on Prime for a couple days. Hope this makes a dent.
  8. The real reason new hires wait weeks to get their email and shared network drive
  9. Afraid not... means I can't do development on the folding DB / Web client, need my systems running for testing and some of the uptime tests I have setup. Have the python terminal based client prototype running, but needs work.
  10. I have 25 threads running on the Marathon project. We will see how badly the folding DB suffers as it's that server doing the lifting
  11. To add too this, users that lower power settings for their card to save money folding. The Facepalm of people I see trying to fold using old mining rigs on 1X risers. Combine these with any of the above and brutal PPD.
  12. They botched the rollout... it broke the APIs of the web clinets and other integrations... they need to account for the legacy systems then try again would be my guess.
  13. Points scores etc. all come out of the F@H core client I have no say in their calculation, reward etc. I capture samples of the data reported by F@H during folds to be averaged and they fluctuate up and down while folding, they are never 100% consistent, you can see that in the charting view in the client. This means you can not really look at how your card is folding right now on a specific Work Unit PRCG and have it be 100% match of the average for the project/gpu as each WU PRCG will fold differently day to day or within the folds inside the work unit, which is w
  14. A patch has already been pushed to account for their changes Monday morning. When they did their initial update on the weekend they broke the stats / user API URLs for both clients. We applied a hotfix to get around the issue fixing it in the dark mode extension, looks like they have restored the originals finally. You need to update the extension to version 1.1.4. to see the update. Cheers
  15. Don't know what you are referring to regarding points. But I'm gonna say no, what I'm talking about is F@H orphaned some APIs their web clients use to show your total points and project descriptions. Has nothing to do with the folding engine, card performance or folding cores.
  16. @marknd59 @RollinLower I have pushed a work around for F@H in the dark to point to legacy APIs at F@H to restore the functionality of points, project etc. in my client. They have not yet fixed redirects or replacement of these APIs with their new page launches so the default web client they ship is broken. I'm also seeing the issue with little to no work on the WS or long waits for it. Hopefully they are working through the issues today. Anyways... if you force update of F@H INTD to v 1.1.4 you get most of the functionality back. Wait and see until / how they are going to fix
  17. It's not on the F@H In the Dark end... F@H appears to have broken a number of APIs and possibly the work servers.
  18. Looks like F@H is in the middle of a server and API upgrade and may have broken a little bit of everything? Is F@H working for anyone else or no?
  19. LAR_Systems

    Hey, can you update the badge eligibility on th…

    Hi there, it has been updated and should push out over the next 24 hours to users as their clients reset. Sorry for the delay in response.
  20. Hi all, quick update for today! For those that have not found it already, information on the site for GPUs now shows the average PPD and the separate Windows & Linux PPD averages with this more detailed information also being send to the web client so the WU Reward indicators are more fair based on the OS you're running. The web client has also had the default Start / Stop functionality stripped in favor or direct buttons that just do what you expect them to without the popup window first. For users running F@H 7.6.14 or higher this also adds a dedicated Finish button
  21. I'm going to say this was a change in Brave as the client update was little more than a refresh for the benefit of the google approval team. I would not be surprised given the purpose of the Brave browser that they don't like all the things with the way F@H browser stuff talks to the localhost / IP on a non standard port per the way the F@H service works. That all said, I do really appreciate the additional CPU samples.
  22. Thanks for your support, makes a big difference on days like this when things are not going as planned.
  23. FYI: Google has changed the way they review the extension sometime around 12AM EST today and therefore I have to resubmit it updated. It has to do with the CPU tracking feature, they are suggesting the app does not use the CPU permission, and you can't have an app that asks for permissions it does not use... meanwhile it showing CPU names, logical processors and their PPD suggests otherwise. I assume it's a matter of review automation not being able to tell how it's used, and it's hopefully resolved quickly. Kinds feeling like Luc with floatplane app fun right now.