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  1. Hello all, My friend is an artist and she is looking for a tablet to draw on whilst travelling - she currently has her eyes set on an iPad Pro from 2018, but of course - Apple is Apple so we'd rather avoid that at all costs. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives to it that would be just as good feature-wise for drawing but isn't from Apple? Many thanks in advance!
  2. Due to streaming - although I rarely shout/scream, I swear a lot - and the neighbours are outside most of the time, so having the windows open would likely get numerous complaints. For the door though, that's just to be respectful to others in the building.
  3. Thanks to Dalekphalm for notifying me about the rules on linking - here is the once that the official Behringer site links to: http://www.asio4all.org/downloads_11/ASIO4ALL_2_13_English.exe Give that one a go just incase you have the wrong one.
  4. I think you will need a BIOS update in order to use that CPU in that mobo, and I'm not sure if the update is out yet.
  5. Most games give you the freedom of setting a custom framerate up to 300, and for the overwhelming majority of games that don't support this natively, it would only take a quick 30 second trip to the game's config files to override this manually, so you should be good.
  6. This is likely due to the attempts to uninstall the driver, my best guess is that it automatically reinstalls itself, sees the already listed line number and goes for the next one up to avoid collisions. From my experience, trying to get rid of certain audio drivers is an absolute nightmare which I could only fix by a re-installation of Windows
  7. Hello Puffing, For post processing I would personally recommend Adobe Audition, but Audacity is free and also amazing. Once you have either open, you just want to add a simple noise gate which will likely fix your issue without damaging the quality of your audio like noise reduction does.
  8. Hello Jiken, My best guess is that Windows is trying to use a different microphone as the default input and isn't even trying to use your Headphones' mic. If you visit your audio panel and then go to recording devices, is your headset's microphone set as the default input device AND default communications device?
  9. Hello MajorFoley, It looks like Windows has automatically lowered your microphone input volume. This can be manually adjusted by right clicking the audio icon in your taskbar and selecting "sounds", then heading to "Recording", then going to the properties of your microphone, then going to the "Levels" tab. From here, you can increase your input volume as well as add gain, which should fix your issue.
  10. Hello NotMrTaco, Unfortunately I think your best bet would be to get a second hand CL-1 on eBay, it would be your cheapest bet for clean and substantial gain. Hope this helps.
  11. Hello all, Are there any users here that have advanced knowledge of treating live voiceovers? I have put in a decent amount of time learning how to treat my microphone and am fairly happy with the sound I have right now, but I am always striving to improve! Is anyone able to take a listen to my current setup and maybe help me improve it slightly, preferably over Discord? I'm using a Shure SM7B, CL-1 and UX2 interface, any help would be appreciated. Thank you kindly!
  12. Hello Tim, With the Xenyx Q502 mixer, you will need the ASIO4ALL driver to get it working properly. I'm unsure as to the rules about linking on this forum, but a quick google should show it near the top. Hope this helps you!
  13. Speaking of doors, what would you guys suggest as a decent way to block off the top/bottom of a door to avoid sound leaking out?
  14. Hi Matthew, Thank you for your reply - I'm at work at the moment so I can't give you a guess for the measurements but I can answer the other two questions: - I stream 4 days a week currently due to work - I rent the house Just to clarify, the sound on my recordings sounds great, but the issue lies in neighbors hearing obnoxious stream chatter
  15. Hello all, I've seen lots of posts online of people asking for help soundproofing a room, which usually ends with someone suggesting those foam soundpads - which are for stopping reverb etc. not actually sound proofing. My building has very thin walls, so people can hear my every word even in normal speaking - let alone with a booming streamer voice. I've done everything I can in terms of blocking gaps under the door and windows, but the problem here lies in the walls AND the floor - people in rooms next to or below me can hear everything. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!