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  • Birthday July 6

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    Gasai Yuno
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    Gaming, Streaming, Content creating.
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    Skyhynix 8gb ddr4 2400Mhz
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    Gtx 1060 3 GB
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    Seagate Barracuda 1tb hdd
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    Some 280 watt
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    Msi optix mag241c
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    Intel stock cooler
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    Corsair strafe rgb mk.2
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    Logitech g502 proteus spectrum
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    Corsair hs70 se
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    Windows 10 home (64bit)
  1. How come the 240hz will be capped at 144hz?
  2. So basically when i press the two furthest sides from the actual switch on the spacebar it pops out of its stabilisers. I will provide a video later if needed.
  3. I just wanted to ask if i've picked some proper parts for my new rig (Some things i would love to upgrade but didn't/don't have the money for) Also want to list that i am upgrading because my current pc is getting slow. I also plan to run (1) 240 Hz (2) 144 Hz monitors. Aim is streaming, gaming and content creating.
  4. Thank you, can't believe I could forget that.
  5. So idk if this is the right place, but I forgot where I plug this in on my mobo.
  6. Alright, thank you for your help. I'll remember this if I do decide to paint any of those parts.
  7. Alright thank you very much. I'm guessing I can just cover the rgb part of the fan with some cardboard and spray paint the rest of the fan?
  8. So I was wondering if it's safe to paint radiator fins? And if not is it then safe to paint the cover, or even the fans?
  9. Yeah I agree, the h510 is better value than the intelligent case. But damn that Elite is sexy.
  10. So I've been wondering lately if I should go fo the h510i or h510 Elite, and I'm been leaning towards the h510 elite because of the rgb fans and the front panel, problem is tho that the fans aren't white so but I was planning on getting new ones anyway. But the h510i or h510's are just cheaper but without the glass front panel and AER Rgb fans.