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  • Birthday Jul 06, 2005

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    Kentucky Fried A10 Wallbreaker#5393
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    Gasai Yuno
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    Gaming, Streaming, Part Video Editing.
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    R5 3600 (stock)
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    MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3600MHz cl18 2x8 GB
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    MSI 2070 Super Gaming X Trio (Very slight overclock)
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    Phanteks Eclipse p400a
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    Samsung 970 evo 500gb, random 750gb HDD from my old laptop
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    Corsair Rm750x 750w PSU (White)
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    AOC 144Hz (idk which one)
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    Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360mm
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    Ducky One 2 SF
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    Xtrfy M4 RGB
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    DT990 pro, AT2020, UMC22
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    Windows 10 home (64bit)
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    Samsung Galaxy s10e

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  1. That's actually a good idea.
  2. Hello there! I would just like to ask if it's safe to spray paint the Arctic z1 (gen 3) since i want it to be black, and not silver.
  3. So are we just gonna ignore the Arctic Liquid Freezer II?
  4. Cablemod should have colored sleeving for the tubes.
  5. No they shouldn't need maintenance, but you should definitely dust out the rad after a few months, cuz they get real dusty. Most if not all AIO's do not need maintenance other than dusting, it's only really open loops that need proper maintenance, in fact you will void the warranty if you open the AIO.
  6. Problem is, the Gigabyte software is horrid, and the Red Devil doesn't really fit my build
  7. Hello there. Ima just get straight to the point here. All I wanna know, is if the Strix 5700xt has been fixed? And is worth buying for 414 euros?
  8. Thank you for letting me know. I think I will stay away from the Gigabyte aorus elite motherboard, if I can't control the lighting.
  9. So the problems with it conflicting with other softwares and components are fixed? And can you properly control the RGB?
  10. Hello I just wanted to know if the RGB Fusion 2.0 from Gigabyte is still absolutely horrible?
  11. So I can unplug it when it's been off for 10 minutes and still keep all my files?
  12. Hello I wanted to know if my files will be saved if I unplug my HDD?