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  1. I see the BeQuiet! Pure Power 11 is in Tier B+, but I was wondering about the Pure Power 11 CM? Is it basically the same or is it different? Is it a good buy? Pure Power 11 CM on PCPartpicker
  2. Such an AWESOME looking projector! Imagine having movie nights with this thing!
  3. I would like the keyboard because all I have is a Bluetooth membrane keyboard and I am pretty sure it is a sin for a pc user to game with one of those XD.
  4. Thanks, and sorry about the thread thing... heh :blush:. But ill consider the phantom glass. might look a bit weird with the skin over the glass but i guess i'll see.
  5. i know this thread has been inactive for a few months but is it possible to put the front dbrand skins on top of the phantom glass screen protector or will it look weird? i have an HTC One m8 Harmon Kardon and ordered a dbrand Skin. i was thinking about getting a phantom glass screen protector and maybe putting the skin on top. should i just stick with the dbrand only?
  6. Found a review here: http://www.thetechrevolutionist.com/2013/02/cooler-master-k280-case-review-gaming.html?m=1
  7. Maybe the Corsair 230t. I see it on NCIX for $80 CAD right now with their weekly special. Normally $85 CAD
  8. The Cooler Master N400 also seems to be a pretty good budget case.
  9. Maybe the NZXT Phantom 240 or the Antec P280? I think they are around the mid 80s in CAD.
  10. Ah I wasn't sure because over here it's $71.99 USD
  11. This would help me with a PC build that I am saving up for