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  1. The latest driver for the 1830 is from 24 Nov 2017 that I can find? It also says that my system is up to date. And what do you mean with reset network card? I tried a clean install from the latest driver from the dell website as wel ass from the device manager in windows. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Hey guys, I am having some problems with my dell xps 15 (9550) with the wifi, sometimes the ping becomes very high (3 seconds?!) while on other devices it stays stable. Also sometimes he just wont connect to the internet until he is reatarted. I found that replacing the driver with the previous version helps until i restart the system than it happens again, i update to the newest driver it stays stable until i restart again. Since it is a old card i thought of upgrading it to see if this fixes the problem, but now i became overwhelmed with the possibilities. So i found out that the 1830 is a pci-e card and all the newest wifi cards are m.2 and i think that those should be compedible but i am not sure. I was considering the: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265NGW, but then I read that you have to be careful since some laptops have a BIOS whitelist which can make it so that only certain cards work and i can not find anything about a whitelist. Also i learned that the dell 1830 is a 3x3 card whereas the "new" card would be 2x2, so than this would be a degrade ? I would really apriciate your help! Cheers!
  3. Hey guys, I have been encountering some problems with my dell xps laptop recently that is runs very hot while gaming and that when I check the % of GPU usage this will drop as soon as my GPU hits 84 85 ish degrees. I am planning to swap the thermal paste of my system to see if this helps since this laptop is quite old by now. To see if this did actually made a considerable difference i would like to do a GPU stress test while also using my CPU. So I downloaded the trail on Aida64 but there only the CPU is mentioned, while using the system stability test. I was wondering if any of you would know good software to test my GPU or tell me that i am an idiot and it can be enabled in Aida. Thanks!
  4. hey guys, I am considering buying the AORUS Gaming Box with a included GTX 1070 to improve my xps 15. Currently i use the included gtx 960m with the i7-6700HQ. I am struggling to find out how much or if my cpu would be a bottleneck for this more powerful gpu. So what do you guys think, would the cpu be powerful enough to handle this gpu such that it would lead to noticeable improvement in games ? Tnx!