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  1. I wanted to remove these operating systems, but I can't. I tried msconfig but it only shows windows. Can I remove it??
  2. I am using the installer. There are no drives or partitions listed to install the os on.
  3. It's actually every linux os...the partitions are not displayed I just tried to install elementaryOS and even that won't display my partitions. Does having an optane memory affect this?
  4. Hey everyone. I am trying to install kali linux on my pc with windows 10 on the side. My PC is HP Gaming PC 1TB HDD which is GPT with 16GB Optane Drive. I have created 100GB Partition to install kali, but the partitions are not showing. Any Suggestions?
  5. it reverts to disabled after a reboot. My PC is hp gaming laptop...
  6. It was enabled before. It was automatically disabled when I updated my windows and now it won't even enable. I tried using my BIOS to enable it, but it doesn't work.
  7. I can't enable virtualization technology. I tried disabling Hyper-V and tried to enable vt-x in BIOS settings, but it won't enable. Any solutions?
  8. The fps of this gpu sucks. thats why i want to replace it.
  9. Can I add a specific GPU to my PC? Now my PC has NVIDIA 940MX and I want to upgrade it into NVIDIA 1050.
  10. What Games Can I Play Having a Intel UHD 620 & NVIDIA 940MX with a Total GPU Memory of 8GB? Each of them have 4GB dedicated memory.