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  1. Envit0

    RTX 3070

    Supply vs demand my dear friend ^^
  2. Are you talking about CRG9 and G9? CRG9 is the "old version" while G9 is the new one (new panel, higher refresh rate, faster response times etc.), you can find more info online.
  3. Got it, super weeeird then. I will try to check if I find any info...
  4. Sounds like you are playing in European servers not sure why though.. VPN? Is ping always this high? Are you playing with friends who live in EU?
  5. I'm more than sure that spikes will be related to your CPU as you are running on stock and aiming for high refresh. What is the monitor resolution and in-game settings? GTA fps looks quite low. Any plans to OC the CPU? Besides that, would be great if you could post stats of your GPU in games where you experience it (core clock, temp) Cheers
  6. Envit0

    Screen Tearing

    As MadPistol said, would be great to know the model of monitor and as well: What games, what FPS are you getting, is the Vsync enabled in games? Fast sync is only usefull if you are getting FPS way above the refresh rate e.g. 200+ fps on 60hz monitor. In general to avoid tearing you would need to be running either Vsync or Freesync/Gsync.
  7. What are the TV specs? Resolution etc. And what settings have you set up in radeon/windows settings (in particular resolution scaling option)?
  8. HDR400 even the 600 or anything below HDR1000 without full array local dimming is not worth it (it just does not represent real HDR picture). Basically just choose the monitor you prefer ignoring the HDR part. Important to mention, the Acer is 27inch and some people do not like the picture of 1080p on that size (due to lower ppi) compared to 1080p on 24inch. Cheers
  9. Is the resolution and refresh rate set matches native of your TV?
  10. Lg c9 55 inch (should be around 1400 range) 120hz, G-sync + Hdmi 2.1 for future. There is a CX (C10) release coming with new monitors (minor updates, but still) including 49inch which might be attractive for you Read about OLED burn-ins, if that scares you, I can recommend samsung QLEDS, Q70R up. Not as good picture as OLED, but damn pretty and close
  11. You can have a look at https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-amd-ryzen-9-3900x-vs-core-i9-9900k-review and then take each CPU review to compare. @Enderman explained a valid point why many 4k reviews (comparisons) don't exist as you become bound by GPU performance and various CPUs will perform basically on par. Overall from what I have seen, the smallest 1% drops will be with 9700k in most games or 9900k due to higher single core performance. 1080p/1440p results of 1% will show the same structure, so can be used as basis. Since you have to ugprade everything (including mobo, ra
  12. Here e.g. which sounded like GPU, but was actually mobo
  13. This could be also related to motherboard/drivers etc. *Try sitting the card in another PCIE slot Would you have a chance to test GPU in another PC (friends?)?
  14. Afterburner it is good choice, let us know the results, but as @Eigenvektor said, no issues as long as games run fine