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  1. Largest but not heaviest! I dodge the bomb by not believing in chuck norris and throw the holy handgranade
  2. Your VY Canis Majoris stands no chance vs my UY Scuti !! Snoop Dogg catches the Gold for me and i throw a blue shell!
  3. what about the asus raidr express?? edit: the raidr uses a raid controler
  4. hey, could you please explain how to use and install a cpu governor once cyanogenmod is installed? thx a lot!
  5. so my buddy unlocked his cpu and got 4 cores out of it and the mobo automaticly increased the voltage. but it wasnt stable like this so my buddy blocked one core and now with 3 cores it runs smothely. he told me he incresed his fps in gw2 by 20-30. should he try to unlock only the forth core and block the third to see if the core is faulty or unlock all four again and increase the voltage more? is a 500W psu enough for his rig? he runs 2 hdds. thx for your help
  6. Thanks for all your replies guys, you are awesome. He will try to unlock his CPU and if it doesnt do anything, he can still buy a new rig. Thanks a lot guys!
  7. isnt a dual core a little slow and doesnt it run much hotter than multicores?
  8. thx for your answer. Budget would be 350-400 euro
  9. Hey guys, A friend of mine wants to upgrade his PC but is not sure if it's still worth it. His current build is: Amd Phenom X-2 Black Edition (AM3 Socket) 4GB of 1333mhz RAM MSI Radeon HD 5770 Hawk And a AM3 Micro Atx Mobo. Is it worth keeping any of these parts? If not, as he is on a low budget, he would change the MOBO, CPU and Ram first and keep the GPU. Do you have any suggestions for a Mini-Atx Mobo, CPU and Ram for around 350-400 euros? Thanks a lot for your help and opinion!!
  10. they have canned air at interdiscount, fust should have'em too
  11. yeah i will limit the fps to the temperature and not to 60 fps, because some games run at lower fps and still overheat it
  12. Thanks a lot guys, i will repaste it in a month, after my exams. I will keep you updated on the difference it makes. Linus was right, his community is awesome
  13. yeah thanks a lot guys, you are awesome! Here the picture of fan and heatsink with the bottom opened. Dont worry about how to open the laptop, there are tons of videos about this on youtube, even from alienware themselves. So i will need to repaste it after my exams, that's what i was afraid of, and that's why i aseked you here, to get an other opinion!
  14. A photo of the bottom opend or closed? Edit: Yes i could open it and remove the motherboard and the heatsink, but i have never done it before, but if you guys think its the only way, i will have to try it, it doesn't seem that difficult.
  15. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum but i have been following Linus for quite a while now. A few years ago, when i still was young and naive, i bought an Alienware M14X R2, which seemed like a good idea at the time, as i was travelling a lot and wanted to game anywhere i went. It was only after buying my laptop, that i it became clear what a huge mistake i made. Dells has included a GPU temperature throttle into their UEFI that, throttles everything down, when the GPU reaches 67°C. After over 2 years of the community complaining about this issue, they still haven't fixed anything. Now that my laptop is over 2 years old, i start getting mayor problems because of this. My laptop throttles the GPU down to a mere 200 something mhz and makes gaming impossible. I updated every driver and the UEFI, opened my laptop completely and made an entire cleanup of the fan and heatsinks and everything is clean and i can clearly feel the airflow underneath and behind my laptop. I make sure to have a 1-3 cm space between my laptop and my desk and still have this throttling problem. Attached are some pictures of me stresstesting the gpu using MSI Kombustor 2.5, setting the Fanspeed to max with HWiNFO64 and monitoring everything with GPU-Z. After doing a lot of research on the web, i found a "solution": There is a bug in Nvidias Driverversion 331.65, that prevents the GPUs Boost technology, which weirdly prevents it from throttling. So my GPU wont reach its top speeds, but i can live with that, it's still better than not having a GPU at all. The problem is, the GPU now works without any restrictions and when i stresstested it, i had to shut Kombustor down as the GPU reached 95°C. After letting the GPU cool down a little, i started a game of Loadout and was amazed, i went from <10 FPS to over 120!!!! But after 10 minutes, my PC shut down to prevent from overheating, so after restarting it, i manually set an FPS limit to 60 in the Nvidia drivers. Sadly, Alienware uses one single Heatpipe connecting the CPU and GPU, to a single Fan. Is there a way to further cool the laptop? I already have a laptopstand with an integrated fan, but it didn't change anything, as the fan blows upwards and the integrated fan downwards, so i guess they block each others airflow. Will repasting it do a big difference? As i never repasted anything i am a little affraid to do it the first time on a laptop. I really would appreciate your help without the hate about buying an Alienware product, i regret it enough and won't do it anymore. Thanks a lot Guys!