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  1. He sounds like the coolest kind of super hero.
  2. Okay, hope it wasn't offensive to check. Sometimes it's something small we overlook.
  3. So, I'm actually looking for some help with iCue integration with Wallpaper Engine. I really just want it for running my RGB to music and various sounds. However, it seems like it's crashing a lot and keeps making my mouse get stuck on one cursor type or the other, ie - stuck as the resize thing no matter where I am on the screen. Anyone happen to be familiar?
  4. My friend recently re-applied thermal compound to an old RX card. Apparently they dry out really easily. I assume you've tried increasing the fan speed through software?
  5. I tried to read your tag-line. I gave up. It is long. Also... what initiation.
  6. Well, I assume you simply enjoy eating the hind-quarters of Olympian gods and demi-gods. Rump is tasty.
  7. This is what I was probably thinking. I'll stick with Nvidia, just because I frankly like the software, and I really want some traced rays.
  8. I planned on getting a 2070 when I can. Would you suggest skipping the CPU upgrade then?
  9. No. I do some content creation on an amateur level.
  10. What is this initiation? Should I bring chains?
  11. I am currently running a Ryzen 5 2600 with a GTX 1660 (that was a mistake). I know I definitely need to upgrade my graphics card for the 1440p @ 144hz I'm after. I'm trying to decide though, if I should shoot for a Ryzen 3 series, or maybe for budget, a 2700x. Anyone have advice for me?