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  1. So, dust was the problem the whole time? I'd invest in an air compressor. That's what I use once a month or so.
  2. Banned for not making something up as though they had said something.
  3. Banned for not using a cult classic avatar.
  4. Banned for not witnessing my first iRacing win.
  5. That's what I figure. I'll get that done when I'm more awake. Didn't want to look like I was ghosting though.
  6. Banned for missing the word damn in the Bible. (not meant to judge, just a fact in some versions. I don't really care.)
  7. Yes, I suppose I mis-spoke in saying "no context". I meant, using only my avatar as context. I felt conceited putting it that way.
  8. Obviously banned for not having a reason to ban.
  9. Given no context, I assume you mean RHPS, in which case, yes, yes it is.
  10. But... it can't trace the rays... Most seem to agree I should focus on a better GPU. Best in my possible budget is going to be the 2070. If I could afford a 2080ti, I would just buy the biggest baddest stuff on the shelf anyway. I'm not sure if I'm really ready to give up my Nvidia software suite I've gotten used to. But, it might be worth the price difference to at least get a solid 144hz at 1080.
  11. I would also like to add to this, should I try to keep things at native 1440p right now until I get an RTX, and take the fps loss, or should I bump down to 1080p? I'm honestly new to anything over 1080@60 and never thought I'd need better. So, I'm not sure if running under my native res could mess up some quality.
  12. Double banned for having a cat with cowboys and quoting classics without quoting classics.
  13. Banned for presumably thinking I edited this photo, and then presumably not recognizing Frank N. Furter.
  14. banned for not explaining what split toning is.
  15. Banned for having a better hat than me.
  16. Banned for being so easy to stare at, and not liking my stare.
  17. I am sad now. No bans is no fun.
  18. Does this mean you're banned for not telling me sooner?
  19. Banned for not speeding up to get further away ya slowpoke.
  20. I'm apparently more patient than this forum expects. I could have just waited 10 seconds instead of expecting emails later, lol. Any, I'm not sure it's exactly a Corsair issue, or if it's something with Wallpaper Engine. I literally only got the thing because I use the Lighting Node with 4 strips of RGB for bias lighting and I wanted it to dance to the music. Wallpaper Engine is the only program I've found to make that happen with Corsair RGB. Asus RGB tends to kick off my EAC, so can't really go with that one.
  21. Can you give some more information on what adapter and router you're using? I assume you're referring to wi-fi.
  22. I gotta say, I'm super surprised at how active and responsive this forum is. I almost already feel like a member of something. I expected to get emails in a few days with suggestions for my questions. I should have just sat here for ten seconds.