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  1. So, I'm a code-noob. I know just the basics, especially at web-coding. The thing is, for work, I have to figure out how to create a Facebook SHARE button in a web that gets a response if post-share is succesfully completed and send a mail if that's the case. All of this hidden for the user. Anyone working with the Facebook API here? From what I've been reading, in order to get facebook to give me a respone if the post is shared, users need to login to my app (web app in this case) using Fb login plataform. Does this mean I have to create a user-database just to get people to share content? Hope someone can help
  2. So, my boss is making me build a LAN-website for all the employees to access important data for the functions they make (like; currency exchange tables, dead-lines, forms, news, etc) and also, he want me to make the clients data, currently saved in an excel database, accessible in that web page. Now, import data from excel to the mysql db it's not that hard (save as csv and then import that, at least it sounds easy), but I don't know how I can make all that data accessible in the web page without it being a mess or ugly. Want I was thinking (more like dreaming) to do it's a section with entries for each client (the id and name of it), a search bar to filter the names, and then, when click in the client name, display all the client data (info, tasks, dead-lines, etc) This sound great but I have no idea of how to make this, like, 0 idea, so, if you could help me make out something... Thanks in advance
  3. So, I'm having big problems getting my mysql query to get through. I'm getting some data from my mysql db to fill a JTable, everything was working fine until I decided that I need a 'WHERE' clause in my sql statement. This is the code, I can't seem to figure out how to insert the WHERE data from the method: public List<VOSesion> listarSesion(int dia, int mes){ Connection con = null; con = this.conectarBD(); VOSesion sesion = null; List<VOSesion> lstSesion = null; PreparedStatement pstmt; try{ Consultas consultas = new Consultas(); pstmt = con.prepareStatement(consultas.listarSesion()); pstmt.setInt(1, dia); pstmt.setInt(2, mes); ResultSet rs = pstmt.executeQuery(); lstSesion = new ArrayList<VOSesion>(); while(rs.next()){ sesion = new VOSesion(rs.getInt("id"), rs.getInt("id_cli"), rs.getInt("id_trat"), rs.getInt("hora"), rs.getInt("dia"), rs.getInt("mes")); lstSesion.add(sesion); } rs.close(); pstmt.close(); }catch(SQLException e){ e.printStackTrace(); } this.desconectarBD(con); return lstSesion; } where "consultas.listarSesion()" is: public String listarSesion(){ String consulta = "SELECT id, id_cli, id_trat, hora, dia, mes FROM Sesion WHERE (dia=? AND mes=?);"; return consulta;} I need to be able to call this method with (dia, mes).
  4. FMQ203

    Help with very, very basic JAVA task

    I used this, thanks!!
  5. FMQ203

    Ethernet and WiFi not working

    I'm going to leave this here: https://iihelp.iinet.net.au/Resetting_Network_Adapter_(Winsock_Reset) Had work for me before
  6. So, first, I want to make it clear, I'm not into programming, I've never been, but I'm taking a course about JAVA, and we got a task assigned about making a little game. Basically, the program makes a 5 digits random number (every digit is different) and the user has to guess it, and, after every attempt the program prints out the amount of digits that are right in the correct spot, and the amount that its right but not in the correct spot. For the the first ones I make this and it works! (How to look for them after the user enters a number)(It's in Spanish because I'm from Uruguay ) : public static int cantBien (String ingreso, String numero) { int contador = 0; for (int i = 0; i < largo-1; i++) { if (ingreso.charAt(i) == numero.charAt(i)) { contador++; } } return contador; But I'm struggling to get the second ones work, I tried this but its returns is wrong data: public static int cantReg (String ingreso, String numero) { int contador = 0; for (int j=0; j < largo-1; j++) { for (int k=0; k < largo-1; k++) { if(ingreso.charAt(k) == numero.charAt(k)) { contador++; } } } return (contador-cantBien(ingreso,numero)); Hope you can help me!
  7. FMQ203

    Cheapest 10Gbps RJ45 Ethernet NIC?

    I think the cheapest is the Asrock X99 WS-E/10G, I mean, it's $650 for a full x99 mobo with dual 10gb Intel, and if you're thinking of building a NVMe Raid array you need x99 pci-e lanes, 5930k preferred (40 pci-e lanes vs 28 lanes with the 5820k), but I think a normal SSD raid array would be more than capable of delivering the speeds you need, I mean, aren't Linus SSD Server speeds enough?? To the switch, the best for the price is the Netgear ProSAFE Plus XS708E, 8 port
  8. not sure about framerates, probably yes, but, with the high bandwith available it enables bigger and more advanced textures to be loaded much more quickly to the GPU's memory, and a wider bandwith to exchange information with the CPU
  9. spend 22 bucks in these TP-LINK Nano Router and you'll get 150mbps wifi for your phone, a 10/100mbps lan port, and a usb for charging or for file-sharing, if you have greater internet speed, get these TP-LINK gigabit router and voaila!
  10. FMQ203

    Home Networking for the first time

    it's cheaper and easier to buy a load-balancing router and snap that to a good switch, down the road you can build a nas or a htpc, or even buy one (you would be better off building one),
  11. FMQ203

    Powerline/AC PCI Card?

    please go powerline, wifi does not cut it anymore at those internet speeds
  12. FMQ203

    Ethernet Extender Question

    the powerline kit you mentioned as enthernet extender at first would be your best solution, so yes, go ahead
  13. FMQ203

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Vessel user: fmq203 Fav videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy
  14. FMQ203

    How to build your own router

    if you make a pfsence router pc, please use an external dedicated access point, the internal wifi card isn't capable of hosting a proper wifi network
  15. FMQ203

    How to build your own router

    Maybe if you could get an old netbook, that would work flawlessly