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  1. Read this: How to use Rufus to install Windows 10 with UEFI support Download Rufus 3.6 Rufus, official site.
  2. Let's try to change something, as the usb stick creates problems. For now, leave the USB stick. Try formatting the nvme disk again. Then it creates a windows usb by downloading its image from here. Then see if the usb you created is detected by the bios. Also in the bios, establish that the usb is the first boot disk. Restart the pc and install windows. Restart the PC and go back into the bios and set the nvme disk as the first boot disk. Restart the system, windows should start. Use the product key code of windows of the usb stick. Let me know if it resolves or not, we'll try to invent something else.
  3. To format the NVME disk or empty it you can also use a linux live. The windows installing usb is then detected by the bios?
  4. Before a new installation try to format the nvme disk. The problem could be due to a windows boot loader with incorrect configuration in the efi partition of the nvme disk.
  5. Do you have any other 64-bit PC or laptop at home? The bios of other 64-bit PCs can see the windows pen?
  6. Before this problem did you upgrade windows, install new programs, etc.? If the suggested nvidia driver update does not work: you update your mouse driver or you restore windows from a backup. It could also be a windows update to create this problem. Good luck.
  7. The driver fix is a good solution. You also try to check which programs are automatically started when the computer is turned on. To learn how to use linux you install the distro on an external pen drive with refind. VMWare is useless. Good luck
  8. Try lowering the modem and windows firewall level. If it doesn't work, the last options are two: format the pc or, to test the hardware, install another system, for example linux, on an external disk, loading refind live on the efi partition of the external disk. Thank you for appreciating my help. We are helping each other, because your problem is a good way to practice.
  9. I think that after all you know what you want. You don't listen to anyone and buy what you want.
  10. A PC with a dedicated graphics card, because you will need parallel computing programs like CUDA or AMD Stream Processor. It is better for you to choose a workstation with nvidia quadro or radeon pro.
  11. In summary, all that has been done and the results (especially negative). If anyone wants to contribute, he is welcome.
  12. Can other PCs, tablets, smartphones in your network connect without problems? Was the antivirus used "Total Security"? Could you make a speedtest of your network and report the results here? https://www.speedtest.net/ I would like to make sure that this is not a latency problem. Is the system clock working properly? When you connect to villagecinemas.gr do you use http or https? That is, do you connect to http://www.villagecinemas.gr? or you connect to https://www.villagecinemas.gr? There is a difference, It’s important.
  13. Kaspersky Total Security will install a sinkhole (so you won't be able to see illegal streaming sites), but the others sites will work. Yes, install it and scan everything. I believe you have 30 days to test it. Let me know how it goes.
  14. Sorry, I thinked it was an illegal streaming site. (https://www.villagecinemas.gr/) It's not a sinkhole., It's a malware dns changer. Install a trial of kaspersky or symantec and your problem will solved
  15. Are blocked only movie streaming sites ?
  16. It is a sinkhole of an antivirus previously installed by you. I wanted to delete it because it breaks your dns configuration. Sinkhole actually does it to protect you. Because it blocks the sites that are on its blacklist. Try this other solution and then tell me what happens. In Command Prompt with Administrative privileges: # to Flush the DNS Cache write this command ipconfig /flushdns # to reset firewall write this command netsh advfirewall reset # Remove all user configured IPv4 with this command netsh int ip reset # Remove all user configured IPv6 with this command netsh int ipv6 reset # Reset Winsock Catalog to a clean state with this command netsh winsock reset # After restart windows. # Change again dns configuration and enable dhcp.
  17. I'm sorry I thought it was a laptop.
  18. When it goes off, is it connected to the power supply? if it is not connected to the power supply it's the battery. If the battery does not work properly, it makes errors with the logs
  19. If you open registry and search dns what do you find?
  20. A ps5. It will be cheaper than a gaming laptop and easier to carry.
  21. Hi, I have a MacBook Pro 6.2 mid 2010 i7 (quad core) 8 GB RAM and a GPU NVIDIA GT 330M (512 MB). IMovie exports an 8-minute MP4 video in approximately 2 hours. So I find your request very difficult to resolve.