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    Asrock Z390 Pro4
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    Corsair 4x16GB DDR4
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    GTX 1080 Ti
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    NZXT H440
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    500GB 850 EVO M.2 SSD; 3TB HGST HDD; 1TB PNY SSD
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    EVGA 850W
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    Dell 75Hz 29" 21:9 1080p, and 3 other whatevers
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    GPU + CPU: Full EK water loop with 2 rads.
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    Ducky One 2 White LED
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    G903 Lightspeed + Powerplay + Custom Mouse Pad
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  1. UPDATE! Im proud to say that after 14 days of stable uptime, Im confident this build is 100% stable. 80C max temps at any given time while video editing and rendering, gaming, etc. Max speeds of 5.3GHz, 1.36 final core voltage. 220W maximum power draw. No crashing no matter what. I am one happy boy! In the near future, I will be correcting the water block's flatness. I believe it is slightly un-flat (which would explain the 9*C cross-core delta-T Im seeing). I'll be sure to post here on that when I do!
  2. I think youd be just fine running that CPU with a 3080. Especially if you OC your CPU too. You would definitely see performance boost from your 1070.
  3. To try to answer your question, Yes I think that CPU will be fine for most things. I just upgraded to a 9900k recently, and thats almost the same as your 9800X, so I would say youre probably fine for the years to come. On the other hand, with the money youre about to spend on that CPU (if close to msrp), it is enough for me to tell you to consider newer generation CPU/MOBO combos. You can probably get more performance per dollar than the 9800X. Sorry you already bought it lol, my bad. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Hey, for anyone who is curious and wants to see more, I made a video on the whole process! Check that out here:
  5. Dude i just upgraded to a 9900kf too with a 1080 ti. All on liquid. I love this cpu SSOOO much, ive got 5.1ghz all core and 5.3 quad core. I hope you love your build!!
  6. I'm 100% confident the majority of consumer low end computers are shipped without GPUs. Enthusiast PCs are a minority to world wide PCs.
  7. Just look at each motherboard specs and see if the sound chip/device has changed between the 2 boards. If yes, then the sound is very well could be higher quality than before. But, it takes a bit of research on which chips are good and not good or whatever. Im not an expert there, just pointing you in the right direction.
  8. There will likely be a difference, but you would need to see what the motherboard is made for, and check the manufacturer specs for it. Generally, a manufacturer will ALWAYS advertised their better thing if it has a better thing. So just look at the motherboard specs for specific boards.
  9. Generally, all motherboards for general PC use come with sound capabilities built into the motherboard. Just like, you get video without a video card, from your motherboard and cpu. A video card is applied to a system that expects to deal with and do calculations for video. Gaming, rendering, GPU mining, AI computing, etc. So, you can guess, a sound card is used when you expect to deal alot with sound. Sound is not as difficult to calculate as graphics are, so you can get away with a basic sound chip on the motherboard and it will suffice.
  10. Oh, and I got my cache ratio up from 4.3GHz to 4.5GHz lmao. Been tryin to do that for ages
  11. Alright, I'm posting from RedFury again. I have benchmarks and numbers and it's pretty exciting! Firstly, during all CPU stressing, the GPU (which is on the same coolant loop as the CPU) never got above 31C. The GPU idles around 27-28C. Gaming, 34-41C. Secondly, ambient is 23-24C. Spoiler with screenshots of AsRock Z390 Pro4 BIOS settings. The BIOS is set to 5.1GHz base, max 4 core speed at 5.3GHz. Vcore set to 1.360v with LLC2. When Gaming, the CPU hits ~68c, and under maximum load it pulls upwards of ~220W with temps of ~80c. Observe: WOOO look at those watts, clocks, and temps. Man! I am impressed! Ill be uploading a video on this soon!
  12. WOOOOO IT TURNS ON!!! After everything, looks like a 15c-20c drop.
  13. Glad to hear its working! Just know, even if underclocked, things could be running at borderline thermal cutout, which reduces life. I suggest rebuilding that card ASAP. But to each his own. GOOD LUCK!!
  14. I just bought a PNY 1tb ssd on Amazon, total was $93 after everything. I've used PNY SSDs for a while and never had a problem. I recommend this for a budget.
  15. The main thing you see on your card is your GPU die temperature. If I'm not mistaken, it does not show you any other Temps. It might be worth taking the card apart (since no warranty anymore), and just reapplying thermal paste and thermal pads to everything. It could be VRAM/chokes/mosfets not being cooled properly. I HIGHLY recommend doing this, as you might find the actual problem if not this.