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  1. I see services for Youtubers/Floatplane peeps. Having problems shooting good video. LMG will FedEx you overnight one Brandon Lee, some camera gear, a case of Madrinas LTT cold brew and a case of Savage jerky. Need help editing? Book skype classes with Taran. Need help marketing yourself? The LMG marketing team will help you sell yourself and get those sweet sweet sponsorship dollars. Need merch. The LMG merch team of designers, sourcing specialists and fulfillment centers will help you get all those cases of T-shirts the hell out of your garage.
  2. Vending machines are common in many large manufacturing plants in North America to provide basic needs and consumables like a can of WD-40 or a end mill. Use your employee badge or number to get things. You can track who gets what and how much and also control the types of things it will issue to each person. If you are a office worker it will give you a can of WD-40 to fix your squeaky chair but not a $50 carbide end mill to sell on eBay. There are whole systems you and get with real time inventory, order alerts and there are services that will stock them. Probably something like it in Europe. Know there is a company doing it in the UK.
  3. The only two things I can think of with the pictures is that they may be a bit stumped to and the first thing they are looking at is did you get stuck with a knockoff from a bad seller or it is just part of there process and they are fallowing it step by step.
  4. Would like to keep things as cheap as I can so I can get some more games. Say under $60 USD for both.
  5. Started back gaming a bit and the cheap keyboard that came with my system sucks. Using my old Logitech M310 and it is not cutting it anymore. Looking for some cheap options in Canada/USA Not a big RGB fan. Wireless mouse would be nice and maybe a couple buttons over the standard 2 + wheel