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  1. i never liked apple suppurt
  2. DaveTech

    Nintendo switch controller problems

    Thank you very much!
  3. DaveTech

    BSOD Posting Instructions - Please Read!

    I have an Alienware x51 r2 (2013) and I had a looooooot of bsod so I just opened disconnected everything and reconnected it again and it works better than when I bought it without downloaded anything.
  4. DaveTech

    Best anti virus?

    When I used it I was less safe than before I got it
  5. I've had the Nintendo switch for quite some time now and my left controller is not working properly (sometimes the game move by it self or takes to long to respond). But I'm only having this problem on the joy stick. I just wanted to ask before buying a new controller (cause boy are they expensive).
  6. DaveTech

    Best anti virus?

    Yea Avast is shit
  7. DaveTech

    Best anti virus?

    I was safer without Avast that I was without any antivirus
  8. DaveTech

    Best anti virus?

    Well on android I use Norton mobile but for PC I stick with Windows defender but without any antivirus on them just don't click shady links or downloads
  9. i want to do a sleeper pc so i want to ask if someone knows were can i buy an empty dell dimension e520 pc case
  10. when i go to mexico to visit my family i do buy from US and its really good i never had a problem