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  1. I figured it out.... It was my dad playing a prank on me!!!
  2. i was thinking the same thing lol
  3. I’ll try that next time. thank!
  4. I didn’t try but that’s a good idea
  5. so when i booted up my laptop i got the wierd message in the picture and i just closed it and forgot about it the a second time while i was animating and i got the ssame thing just insted of saying "hello" it said "who are you?". so i ran a virus scan on bitdefender and windows defender and both said my laptop is clean. does anybody here know what going on with my laptop. ps: i deleted all recently downloaded files.
  6. For the joystick not the controller because of the nfc touchpoint
  7. How do I tell between the right and left joystick
  8. when i open task manager on my pc it always tells me that my graphics card is at 100% usage. does anybody know how to fix it the pc specs are: cpu: intel core 19 9900k gpu: Nvidia RTX 2080 ti (on sli) motherboard: ROG maximus 11 code psu: corsair ax 1200i storage: 1 TB SSD ram: g.skill trident z royal 16 GB DDR4
  9. what graphics cards are compatible with del optiplex 2010?
  10. I have an Alienware x51 r2 (2013) and I had a looooooot of bsod so I just opened disconnected everything and reconnected it again and it works better than when I bought it without downloaded anything.