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  1. the biggest problem is that i use a laptop so...... i dont feel like voidin my waranty
  2. when i reset my laptop i made sure that i clicked on the clean drive option which usually take longer. wouldn't this be enough to erase any previous data or malicious viruses altogether
  3. hi, i'm kinda in a dire situation here i recently made the rookie mistake of downloading random crap on the internet and accidentally installed a virus. i managed to reset my laptop as i had no precious data on my laptop just games but in the process of installing the virus it opened, i'm willingly and confidently saying 70-100 chrome tabs all leading to random sketchy ass Russian websites. for the first week i hadn't noticed anything. However when i went to sign in for steam i was locked out of my account and this was due to having my password changed by someone in Russia, not only that but they also changed my only 2fa which was my phone number. which meant i was fully locked out of my steam account. i was fortunate enough to show valid proof that i owned that steam account and i got it back within a day. but it seems almost every 2 weeks i'm getting attacked with random sign- in attempt from Russia. yes, i have changed my password, almost every week yet somehow it's always a random sign in attempt. i even thought of adding my secondary email/ recovery email would solve the issue, but so far the situation has gotten worse. these Russian "hackers" managed to attempt to sign in to my other account. so far my steam account being hacked was the worst it got. and no further damage has been dealt however it is a rather tedious process of changing my password every week and scouting out for any suspicious sign in attempts especially when hackers can still access my account even with phone and second account. its not like i have bank details or serious information but it would be a real nuisance to have to start a new account. i get i got what i deserved from installing random crap and i wont ever make the same mistake ever again. but plz i really need help. i really need these accounts.
  4. Would a 2gb 1050 suffice? and would the age of the psu affect the reliability of the its supposed watt output?
  5. Hey, so i recently got access to a 12 year old HP Z210 SFF which has a Intel core I7 2600 (Passive - Cooled) (95 watt TDP), 4 gb of ram and a 1tb hard drive and this only costed me 85 AUD. there are many things that kind of restrict this budget gaming pc project im doing, firstly, i cant get a case change as the motherboard is a btx, secondly the psu conector is proprietery which means its virtually impossible to upgrade the psu, this means im stuck with the measly 240 watt 90% efficiency psu hp has. i thought that the gt 1030 ($120-130) would be ideal as its low tdp, cost and profile make the card perfect but im worried that the 12 year old 230 watt psu wont be able to handle it. i need a second opinion, will the measly 230 watt psu suffice for that i7 and gt 1030? p.s i have no case fans cos the case support any but i have a chonky heatsink for the passive cooled i7. the details about the workstation are here https://support.hp.com/au-en/document/c02791346
  6. its not that i wanna get rid off in game audio its just that i want each ear to have something different
  7. i know that it kinda destroys the purpose of stereo audio in games but is there like a driver which makes it so i can have spotify or discord playing from one ear and my in game audio in the other?
  8. i recently found my father's "old" nokia x6 which hasn't been used and i thought i could use it instead of the generic store phone i currently own. my father doesn't remember the pin so i tried resetting it recovery mode but all it did was factory reset the settings.my father doesn't remember the google account please help i really wanna ditch my crap store phone
  9. i recently managed to pick up an old hp z210 sff for roughly 60 USD (exchanged) at my local cash convertors and was planning to get a graphics card for games like fortnite, csgo etc. it has an intel core i7 2600 which still holds up amazingly but it runs intel HD 2000 graphics with only 4gb of ddr3 memory. unfortunately, hp has a proprietary motherboard connector so standard PSUs are incompatible as well as the case which uses BTX. this means I'm stuck on a 240-watt power supply with 90% efficiency as well as the hassle of getting a low profile graphics card what graphics card would be suitable? link to the pc spec etc. https://support.hp.com/au-en/document/c02791346