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  1. robinhood85

    Good monitor under 200$

    You can buy a gaming monitor. These have high resolution and longtime use.
  2. robinhood85

    i need a new office chair

    You must use a comfortable and ergonomic office chair. Maximum companies manufacture ergonomic office chairs. You must use an ergonomic chair because it will support your back perfectly and gives you better comfort. I love this helpful chair website http://www.chairsadvisor.com/best-office-chairs-under-300/ where you will get many modern and ergonomic office chairs.
  3. robinhood85

    NASA hacked by raspberry pi

    Very sad news.
  4. robinhood85

    How long do you use your pcs?

    I have been using my desktop PC since 2016. It's working fine till now.
  5. robinhood85

    PC slow

    You have to clean the cache and other unnecessary files.
  6. robinhood85

    Best GPU for 144Hz 2k monitor?

    Your configuration is great. Carry one.
  7. robinhood85

    Gaming chair 100 vs 300 ?? What's the difference

    Most of the gaming chairs are good and provides better ergonomic support. You will get a lot of gaming chair below $100. I am using a Best Massage gaming chair from this website http://www.chairsadvisor.com/best-gaming-chairs-under-100/. It is highly comfortable. I also use this chair while studying on my table.
  8. robinhood85

    monitor for 130

    Samsung CFG73 27" is a great one. You can get this.
  9. robinhood85

    Replacement for HP ProBook 450 G2

    HP ProBook 450 G6 is the latest version of ProBook laptop.
  10. robinhood85

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen
  11. robinhood85

    When do you upgrade

    I update when I face any problem.
  12. robinhood85

    Mozilla Firefox soon to go freemium

    I do not like Firefox. I use Google Chrome.
  13. robinhood85

    Folding PCs? Lenovo says "yep"

    Awesome folding PC. It will be a future laptop.
  14. robinhood85

    Looking into getting new smartphone

    You can buy this model Samsung Galaxy S10
  15. robinhood85

    Advice on buying a Smartphone

    Samsung Galaxy S10