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  1. Custom ek waterblock for gpu or pre-installed gpu waterblock? Planning for aorus rtx 2080ti xtreme waterforce WB 11Gb .
  2. Is there any major difference (or minor)
  3. Is it worth buying pre installed waterblock gpu? (2080ti)
  4. Hey guys, I am an Intel user. I have been using Intel for over a decade but I am thinking of switching to amd now. So can anyone tell me which amd processor I should get. My usage is both heavy intensive gaming and and editing 3d models so I guess I would need a high end processor I mean alternative for Intel's extreme edition.
  5. I am using this cpu for cinema 4D and other related 3d modelling software and I have E-ATX mobo.
  6. Thanks Gregger ! I am also not in favour of buying pre overvlocked CPUs, I watched yt for some knowledge, they are just discussing about overclocking rather than actually giving tutorial.
  7. Hey folks, So I just build my new workstation pc with i9 9980xe and 128 GB ram. It's an workstation pc only for rendering and 3d. But I want some more performance. So is there any safest way to overclock this cpu?? I am using liquid cooling because of this beast cpu. PS Are those pre overvlocked CPUs worth? If yes then where can I buy one? PSS sometimes I play games, I mean only cs go, but it doesn't matter because it's in my office so . Thanks in advance for replies. Peace!!!