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  1. its a no name fan. it has a 3 pin + molex on the only wire
  2. I bought a cheap case that came with an rgb fan. The fan spins but doesn't light up. It will briefly light up on start up but then goes away. It has a 3 pin and molex cable. Should i plug both of those in or no?
  3. First time putting together a pc and this power supply cable has an additional 4 pin connector. Am I supposed to plug it in to the same part as the main cable its attached to?
  4. I know that sounds like an odd question, so let me explain. In my apartment, an average wifi ookla test will get around 20-25 Mbps download. When I download on that same network with a wired connection (50 feet of cable) I only average around maybe 4 Mbps peak. I did a test at my parents house and they have a combo modem and router from Xfinity and I easily break 10 Mbps download on Ethernet. I know there are a few variables here like service provider and machines on the network but let's assume my device is the only device on the network. What could I do to up my download speed as in utilize my bandwidth instead of using but a part of it. Thanks -nate
  5. I got the i3 8300 and Mobo for 90$. Im gonna build a pc with it and then upgrade it to an i7 9th gen next year. I'm selling the i7 4790 build. Its an upgrade over time. An upgrade path. I asked a simple question and everyone wants to give their 2 cents on something nobody asked about.
  6. [Left: i7-4790] [Right: i3-8300] I was looking at specs on my current PC vs the PC I plan to upgrade from an i3 to and i7. I found a stat that says "graphics memory maximum" and I was wondering what exactly that meant.
  7. correct. I want to expand the C drive but i cant even with F isnt allocated
  8. I migrated a 1tb 5400rpm hdd to new adata ssd 500gb. I had maybe 100gb uses on the hdd in my laptop. Anyways, when i copied the drive over, i still have like 300 plus gb not recognized by windows. I did format the drive and linked folders to it but i want to be able to have windows recognize the entire drive together rather then 2 partitions. Any suggestions? I want the F drive to be able to work in unison with the C drive
  9. I got a b360M DS3H Mobo with an i3-8300 on Facebook Marketplace. I was wondering if I could flash the bios (never done it and don't know how) to support a 9th gen i5.
  10. I recently swapped out the hdd on my laptop with an SSD and had a bit of trouble cloning. (Went from 1tb hdd to 512gb SSD. I was told that if the drives are the exact same size, it would be easier. I want to put an SSD in my PC now. I have a 500gb wd hdd. So I was wondering if an adata 512 would clone over easily or if I should just get a 500gb Samsung SSD. (no, my board does not have an m.2 slot).
  11. Just trying to free up some disk space and I noticed multiple different years of the same software. Is it safe to uninstall all up to the most recent?
  12. Recently got a super deal on an entry level pc. It came with: I7-4790 16gb ram Corsair water cooler 500w power supply 1060 3gb. I was wondering if upgrading to a 1060 6gb or even 1070? I'm just trying to get the best gpu for this system without my older CPU bottlenecking. Thanks
  13. A massive pc noob here. I was wondering what these types of connectors are used for and what could be used with them. Thanks (The one with the Media2 label above it)