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  1. I have a bland one. I've had someone ask me for help when their flash drive would not work on their mac and it was formatted to NTFS.
  2. Well normally I always turn off PSU but when I first got the computer I tried skipping it and it would do the issue I described then I forced shutdown and turned off PSU and it worked. I tested it a few times to make sure PSU turn off would fix it.
  3. No rattling before I put fans in but after. I put my ears next to top fans and rattling is the loudest there.
  4. I had someone tell me their computer would not start when they had their mouse plugged in...
  5. I have a computer that when the power supply is not turned off after it is shutdown, when I press the power button it will boot and get to the bios logo screen then stay there forever and I have to force shut down. However the permanent fix I have found was simply turning off the power supply every time I shut the computer down. I gave this computer to someone else and I'm sure they don't want to keep turning off the PSU after every shutdown so what is causing this issue and how can I fix it without my current fix? Sorry I am bad at explaining things coherently... Specs if needed: Asus B450 prime plus Ryzen 5 2600 2x8 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 dual channel XFX AMD RX 590 2 Sandisk 250GB SSD 1 120GB Corsair nvme m.2 with windows 10 EVGA 700 Bronze PSU
  6. Information shows it beats 9900k in multicore speed but that is no surprise to me. AMD has been better for multicore speed.
  7. Into an SD? No. Different geometry. There are usb to sd convert plugs.
  8. My 9900k bench in cpuz does not match the reference 9900k. Why? Should I be worried?
  9. I don't look at my keyboard anymore but looking at it means I will type faster and make less mistakes as well. I can't seem to commit to touchtyping I just lose interest. Any tips or just power through?
  10. I have 20 years of typing and I could type at 80 wpm back in high school. I notice now though that I am slower at typing and I make much more mistakes probably due to the placement of my keyboard and my fingers going down at the wrong times. Practice hasn't made this any better either. Maybe I am not pushing myself to improve? I do not know touch typing maybe that could help?
  11. I bought rtx 2080 because nvidia raised the 1080ti price a bunch making the 2080 a better deal when they have similar performance.