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  1. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-Atom-D425-vs-AMD-Athlon-7850-Dual-Core-2.8G/609vs1516 this cant be right how did the atom get a better passmark score?
  2. when it comes to game-debate.com and putting in my system specs then searching up a game and clicking system req are the % that they give a good rough estimate or are they way off ? and what setting would it be basing games on have an old atom laptop with gma 3150 (will use modded driver) 2gb ram and 500gb hdd i was given and i want to load it up with a bunch of old games i don't want to download games that show over 100% for cpu gpu ram on there website and then it turns out they run really bad on it searched up halo ce and it says cpu 180% gpu 119% ram 390% half life 2 say cpu 115% gpu 99% ram 780 % Max Payne 2 cpu 129% gpu 69% ram 390% even if these are off would the game run fine when everything is set at the lowest setting and give me a min of 30fps?
  3. mine would be this one i just wish the controls for the driving part where better
  4. thanks i had no idea windows 10 had windows media player
  5. so i found the usb cable for my old 30gb zune and the player is still in great condition working fine not sure how long battery will hold charge for its been not been charged in like maybe 5 years only problem is i need to use the zune software to sync songs i really hated that software and really don't want to install it if possible also would it be possible like i saw with some ipods to replace the hdd in a zune with an sd card cf card ect? not really something a want to do yet unless the hdd dies Thanks
  6. interested to know what you be the desktop gpu equivalent of the vega 11 igpu?
  7. in task manger is the is the amount of memory used including the amount of vram also being used? or is it just the showing the % of the ram used by the system/games/apps ect
  8. anybody know why is AppXSvc AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC) all of a sudden is using so much of my pcs ram i have 8gb ram and its using around 1.3gb and cpu usage is also quite high around 30% when pc is idle cpu usage is like 5% and ram 15% or so its annoying as part of my 8gb ram is used by the vega 11 so im unable to play games because so much of ram is being used what can i do I have no virus or changed anything on my pc
  9. is there a way to use Avidemux to use the vega 11 to encode to h.265 or is there any program like it that does not take up a lot of space (Avidemux only uses over 100mb) that would use the vega 11 to encode the video and not the cpu? if i use the vega 11 to encode it would be faster
  10. tried a free vpn and it works thanks
  11. i find this stupid it says on the sticker model code on it says 4g but turned out to be a 2gb sick its labeled as 4g because it comes in a pack of 2 ram sticks that = 4gb i looked up other modes of the same ram 1gb says 2g on the stick 8gb say 16g ect so annoying But i have a problem if i use all 4 ram stick 2x4gb and 2x2gb the pc turns on but not booting all ram slots work find
  12. i tried P8P67-ASUS-2103.rom and it installed but still shows 10gb not 12gb