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  1. Finley_Crofts

    Picking a Graphics Card !

    If I was going to for a 5700 xt what model of it would you recommend, for example, sapphire, etc.
  2. Finley_Crofts

    Picking a Graphics Card !

    Hello, recently I have a made a pc on a different forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1090543-new-pc-build-help/?tab=comments#comment-12779829 https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Finley_Crofts/saved/#view=p3sPnQ However, I just wanted to make sure if the graphics I have gone with, is the best one for my budget of about £500. The current Graphics I have picked is the Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 Super Ventus for about £510, however, I just want some more opinions from some other people.
  3. Finley_Crofts

    Gaming Laptop For Friend!

    I would probably say yes to that in case the battery decides to give up for some reason, however, your the expert so I don't know if that would be the best decision to go for.
  4. Finley_Crofts

    Gaming Laptop For Friend!

    No preference for weight, however, for battery life I think he would want at least 4-5 hours or something like that.
  5. Hello, my friend is in the market for a new Laptop. His budget is about £1000 British Pounds and is looking for a new gaming laptop, which can play most aaa. I am not familiar with Laptops so I have no clue what to look for, so any suggestions would be helpful. He is only looking for 1080p 144hz what I hope is not too much for his budget. Decent amount of battery Life since some gaming laptops have a really crappy battery Look forward to what you suggest. Thank you in advance
  6. Finley_Crofts

    New Pc Build | Help

    Okay thank you for all your help, I think this will be the final build and I will start buying in the next few days. I will solve the forum soon. Thank You
  7. Finley_Crofts

    New Pc Build | Help

    Hi, really happy with this build (Sorry for long response). The only thing I wanted to know was how good the motherboard is because I am searching it up and I am unable to find any reviews on it. I will prob starting buyings things nw as well, however, just want to know if the mobo is the best option I can go for at my budget; You have picked this mobo and you are more than an expert to me so I trust your opinion on it. I will also be using ethernet and not Wi-Fi however if this motherboard is good for the price etc that will be fin. Thanks for all your well wish me luck building it :).
  8. Finley_Crofts

    New Pc Build | Help

    Hello, thank you for your build suggestion & it looks very good, however, I don't think I will be needing 32 GB of ram since I only do a very light amount work productivity on my computer since I have my laptop. So I could get away with only 16 GB ram and save some money, then when it comes to the storage I already have my ssds and hdds so I can also save some money there as well (Much appreciated tho'). I do stream sometimes but apart from that I mostly just do some editing along with a lot of gaming so this build will be classed as a "Gaming Pc". So with this in mind, could I upgrade some other parts within the system like the GPU and also PSU so in the future when I want to upgrade I don't have to worry about getting a new PSU, however, I have lost it when it came to the new "Super Series" of GPUs and haven't really looked into them that much. I have also look into the mobo issues and I have discovered some of the issues people of experienced, so instead of that mobo like you said I could go for the x570-P or could I go for something like the Asus Tuf Gaming x570 Plus: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/whMTwP/asus-tuf-gaming-x570-plus-atx-am4-motherboard-tuf-gaming-x570-plus or does this mobo also have issues, because by what I have seen it looks like an all-round good mobo? However, at the end of the day, you are the expert here so if you do change somethings thanks in advance and then I will check with some other people to make sure it is all good (Like to get more than one opinion).
  9. Finley_Crofts

    New Pc Build | Help

    Hello all, I have decided to make a new pc in the next couple of weeks. This new pc will mainly be used for gaming, however, I will do some Photo Editing and Video editing along with recording and streaming. I live in England and my currency will be in British Pounds (As you should Expect xd). (The aim of the build is also to be black/white from the inside of the case and then hopefully a nice White case to finish it off) My Budget is round about £1300 and can be pushed about, however, not too much. With the new release of the Ryzen CPUs and also the new GPUs I have mainly been looking at the Ryzen 3700x as by what I have seen it is unbelievable for its price and also balances out the gaming experience while streaming or rendering in the background (YouTube Benchmark videos). For the motherboard, well what can I say. I can pick from a crap ton of motherboards, however, one that caught my eye was the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite at the price of £200, even though I could go for a b450, etc, this one just really caught me and all the reviews I have seen say this one is extremely good for saying it is £200. I have also gone with the x570 as I am not too experienced in pc building and I am justing starting to come to terms with certain things, so I am not familiar with my way around a bios and I don't even have a clue when it comes to "bios flashbacks" (So you can make a b450 etc compatible with the new-gen) correct me if I am wrong, so other than doing it myself I could go and find a pc shop near me, however, I highly doubt that they will do something like this. (I am sorry if I sound stupid) For RAM I am not too sure what to go for, however, if I had to pick I would probably go ddr4-3200, corsair vengeance since I think 3700x might benefit it more than having 3000 or lower, however, this came from videos I watched and they might be totally making it up, idk, its the internet at the end of the day. For the GPU that will be totally up to you guys as I have no idea where to start, don't get me wrong, I have done a lot of research into this, however, everybody has their own opinion and I would like to see them first before I direct you towards a certain make as that what happened with an old post of mine and I went round in a complete circle. As for the storage, well, I have already sorted that out, so don't worry about it. I will also appreciate it if you found a really nice White or White/Black case, at the moment I really like the Corsair Spec 06 and will prob add some extra case fans if needed, however, will be open to different cases. I am not looking to OverClock as I don't trust myself, however, I will practice in the near future on my old machines. This means I can save money on a CPU cooler as I will not need a top OC cooler for OC, but I could always buy a decent air cooler or even an AIO if there is money to spare. I am using two 1080p 60 Hz monitors, however, I will be buying some new monitors after building the computer. I haven't looked into it that much but I will prob get a 1440p 144Hz Monitor (idk if that will be a could choice) Thank you for taking your time to read this as a normal thread, "says budget, show current Idea then let everyone help" however just wanted you guys to see my view of things and hopefully you can help me learn along the way. (Wrote this at like 3 am sorry for awful writing etc). Will post my build after a decent amount of people have commented on their opinion/view. Thanks again .
  10. Finley_Crofts


    Hello, looking for a new headset up to the price of £80, I have been looking for a while now haven't come across anything too eye-catching, however, I have found the Corsair Hs50, 60 & 70 headphones https://www.amazon.co.uk/Corsair-CA-9011173-EU-Compatible-Unidirectional-Microphone/dp/B079QC7FMP?th=1 Just wanted to know your opinions on the headset and if you can find any really nice headsets with a detachable microphone, I would prefer the colours black & white with a similar design.
  11. Finley_Crofts

    New Gaming PC Build | Please Check If Any Good!

    Hi, thank you so much for this build. I have looked at the links you included within your post. It looks great however if I was to make a Gaming computer and not go so heavy on the editing what would you suggest? I'm starting to cut down on on the editing side of things nowadays and more of the photo editing on photoshop due to me having more passion for it, sorry if this is a pain you can just ignore this. If I was to make this change, should I stick with Intel Processors seen as they tend to be better in photoshop? Or should I go with an AMD and use different editing Programs what I am perfectly fine with(adobe photoshop is a rip off). I'm sorry that I didn't say that I was cutting down On editing seen as you built a pc made for Heavy editing and photoshop, yet again I really appreciate your help. My budget is £1200 Uk however I can afford to go better over depending on how much it is. I really appreciate this and I will look into a bit more, thank you for your help and sorry for being a pain in the ass xd !
  12. Finley_Crofts

    New Gaming PC Build | Please Check If Any Good!

    I have started doing more photo editing using photoshop and also other programs like blender however my pc isn't good enough for rendering blender images etc. For editing I use Adobe Prem or Hitfilm, I use both since each one has easier features than others. I don't know if a 2700x will be too overkill for that and gaming it is what people are recommending me on other forums. I could go for 2600 what is more performance to money (Think) however that is better for gaming than the other ones isn't it? The things I edit are normally at 1080p60HD, however, the PC I have got now struggles a lot when it comes to editing, so I have been using my Dads laptop seen as it is way better than my desktop xd. I sometimes can do 4k but that's when I am at my friends for some recording and audio booth recordings. I just need a nice future proof pc in editing and gaming. I don't even know if I should go for AMD, I understand AMD a lot more than Intel. (I am still new to all of this so if I am wrong please correct me.) If You have any recommendations please say. Thank You In Advance
  13. Hello everyone, been planning to make a new build for some time now (trying to figure out what to get) and I have posted a forum on here and got quite far, I also then explored on some other forums and came up with these builds: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Finley_Crofts/saved/#view=dQcb8d (Please say if this doesn't work.) There are four builds there and my budget is around £1200 UK, however, I have decided to start a build at a very weird time for the market as AMD are releasing some new stuff, etc, so I am just posting again to see if the build is good for the value and if I was going to make an intel version what would you go for in CPU wise as I am not that good with Intel. I have gone for a 2700x as I will be doing a lot of gaming however I will be doing heavy editing, etc, I have already got my HHDS with me so I am just buying a 1tb SSD for some more storage (faster loading times). I have been told to wait for the new 3000 series and get a full-sized ATX b500 board for when they come out however just want to know if it is worth the wait and if it is, does anyone know some hints for the release date? My original colour scheme was black and white so I want to try and stick with that theme, however, if you can not no worries. (Will be some case fans as well, NOT PLANNING ON OC ANYTIME SOME!) This is my first pc build so any tips I will appreciate it, please don't be harsh on me if the build is, well you know, crap. Thank You for your time Have a Great Day Finley Crofts
  14. Finley_Crofts

    New Pc Build - Need Help

    Hello, so this is probably going to be the final build unless you find anything else worth upgrading. I was told that I should go for the 2700 and OC so it performs like a 2700x however I said "I am not confident with OC", so he pointed out that XFR will do most of the work; I have briefly looked this up however just wanted to know if you know anything about. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Finley_Crofts/saved/BtXPnQ I have upgraded the fans - (somebody suggested the ones I put in however you can change them if you want to, (colour scheme etc) Don't know if I should go for a cheaper SSD, probably just leave it. Stuck with the nitro+. Not sure about the PSU, think it is alright. Please say if you have any suggestions!
  15. Finley_Crofts

    New Pc Build - Need Help

    Okay, well at this stage I don't know what to do, I appreciate all your help. All I am trying to do is make a 1080p soon (maybe) 1440p computer what can handle VR - Htc Vive, I have been sent in loops from a lot of people about the graphics and I am just not sure about them anymore. The Vega 64 is extremely close in performance with RTX 2070 however the RTX 2070 is better in more demanding games, but then the Vega 64 takes over more of the "non-less demanding" but still getting high marks against the RTX 2070. A lot of people are saying they would pick the Vega 64 over the 2060 but when it comes to the RTX 2070 they would rather pick it over the Vega 64. At the end of the day, everybody has their own opinion on different Graphics Card. So let's start from scratch with the Graphics Cards and say my budget is £500 for one that can handle 1080p & 1440p along with Virtual Reality and what can also get high fps on games what are demanding like Assassin Creed origins and odyssey what are extremely demanding games (from my experience). I'm extremely sorry if I'm asking for a lot, I finally have the opportunity to make a pc build what would suit me and this would be perfect for the next years in my life (past GCSE, etc), I am doing my end of looking at Graphics however I have school work to do and I know you have a job (think, idk if you go to school) so if this is too much you can happily leave and I will eventually (hopefully) find the perfect card. Have A Good Day/ Night, it is currently 23:20 when of typing this xd