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    United Kingdom
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    Ryzen 7 3700x
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    Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3200mhz
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    RTX MSI Ventus 2070 Super
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    Spec-06 RGB
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    x1 WD Green 1 TB + x1 WD Red 3 TB + 1 TB Samsung Evo 860 + Crucial MX500 250gb
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    Corsair RMx (2018) 750w
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    Wraith Prism RGB (Stock Cooler)
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    Razer Cynosa Chroma
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    Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Picking one as we speak

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  1. Thank you, I will have a better look next time on amazon and ebay!
  2. I am looking into the keyboard, but I am struggling to find any key caps as they are all out of stock or they look, well, awful. Do you have any ideas? If not I have found a few that might work. As for the switches I have looked into the Kailh Pro switches, but, I have no experience with them, should I just stick to brown like I original planned for?
  3. So, I was looking at the amazon page and unfortunately the keyboard would be coming from a unreliable seller and has a track record having taking ages to deliver (Months sometimes), I am also unable to find the keyboard anywhere I trust. If you have any more recommendations much will be appreciated! At this point I have come to the realisation that I don't need tkl and that I would be good for a 60% keyboard as well (if that helps).
  4. Thank you very much, I will have a proper look in a bit.
  5. Honestly I don't really know, I am new to the keyboard world and I am still learning. I am interested in the Brown switches but I am open to any really, not really looking for red or blue tho'. Any recommendations will be helpful
  6. Hello, I am looking for a new keyboard and I am not sure what to go for. I do game, nothing competitive, I also do a lot of typing daily. I am looking for something around £100, with brown switches, don't really care if they are cherry switches e.g. Kailh is good. As for the size of the keyboard, I don't really care as long as I have independent arrow keys, stuff like a number pad doesn't matter that much. (isn't it like 80% keyboard or like tkl) I have found a few keyboards but not sure at all. Any input is welcome!
  7. System Specs: 3700x (stock) + MSI x570 MPG GAMING EDGE WIFI + 2070 Super +16gb Ram 3200mhz + 750w PSU I have just update my Chipset driver and nothing has changed! BIOS: 06/11/2019 - Updates are available (should I do them - I have heard that you should really only do it if the new features etc will benefit you). Hello, when I turned my pc on this morning I noticed it being louder than usual - I thought it would go after about 10 minutes letting all programs fully settle down after start up, however, instead I noticed the fans on my pc kept fluctuating in noise every 5 seconds w
  8. Thanks for your response - looks like a decent laptop and will definitely look into it more - browsing about doesn't seem like a lot of places sell them - got some digging ahead of me xd. IPS is fine with me - most of my main monitors are IPS - should of stated above and will do a edit rn, but storage isn't a problem as I will be swapping them out for prob a bigger ssd along with a fresh install of windows to get rid of all the crap companies sometimes put in the laptop.
  9. Hello, I am looking for a new laptop I can use for college - my budget is £600. The laptop needs to be able to handle some basic Office programs along with coding and just browsing the internet - I am not looking for something gaming! I have done some digging and I have found the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 AMD, if I was to go with this I can configure it to have 8gb + 4500u along with back-lit keyboard etc for about £600 (£599.99) (I might able to get a 10% discount through work). I am also open to Intel, however, I tend to gravitate towards AMD as you generally get better price to
  10. Okay, thanks for your help - I will do some further research!
  11. I have heard about those, however, all the reviews I have seen about them say they are a must buy at a very different price point of around £60 - £80. I can only see them on Amazon for £94 as everywhere else are out of stock. Just wanting to now if these are worth it or should I go for something else like the Hyperx Cloud 2 as I have heard other people say that they are not worth it at that price.
  12. 120€ is about £100 - and I am willing to spend all of that if needed, but, I am just looking for the best value pair I can get without wasting money. I can go a bit extra but I don't really want to.
  13. Hello, I am in the market for some new headphones/headset for my computer and Laptop. I am currently stuck with some crappy earbuds what are awful for gaming etc. I was looking at the StealSeries line, however, I want to see some other opinions on them along with options you would go for at the £100 ($125) mark. PLEASE do not send links to American sites as most of the times the deals and availability DO not transfer over to England. I would rather have a detachable microphone and it doesn't matter if it is Wireless or Wired. I mainly play games like csgo etc so
  14. Hello, I am in need of a laptop for my upcoming college course in September (that's if Covid-19 has gone) - I have taken Cyber Security & Networking. In preparation for this, I am looking for a Laptop around the £450 mark what has a decent battery life along with being able to handle daily use of web browsing and Microsoft Office applications what are most laptops tbh - but I am looking for something decently fast what is achievable for my price. I don't mind if it is AMD or Intel and storage isn't a problem (the only thing is that it will need to be a swap-able drive) as I w
  15. Btw, windows defender is now a decent piece of software as Microsoft/ windows have improved it massively over the years - YES! it has it flaws with missing the odd few things what is seen as bad as it is a anti-virus software. But as I am sure I am not downloading anything suspicious I feel secure with defender, and with my testing in VM's, it seems to be decent at catching virus when u download them on purpose xd or try too find one on purpose what is sometimes hard.. But yes - I agree depending on your situation etc, it is sometimes better to download/ buy antivirus software like McAfee