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  1. JusTaMan

    BSOD Posting Instructions - Please Read!

    Did you make memtest86 run? usually it's pretty informative memtest86
  2. JusTaMan

    I made a tragic mistake!

    How do you think i can measure it objectively? Cause host machine connected via 100 megabit Ethernet and here i do receive it with yes 4g. upd. Actualy with a pascal it's pretty good almost unnoticeable. The game i play not a king of the smoothness you know)
  3. JusTaMan

    I made a tragic mistake!

    I MADE IT!!!!!! Only 8 hours of searching and trying and here we go! Hardware plug for loosers) Start regedit. (You need administrator access under Windows 7, 8 or 10.)Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\VideoUnder Video you'll see a number of sub-folders with long names like {B1E0FF3B-2B31-4B0D-8B9C-B09BBB60CB07}. Each of those has a sub-folder called 0000. Most of the 0000 folders will be nearly empty, but one of the 0000 folders contains hundreds of entries that have names of programs in them (e.g. _3DMark05.exe, playNow.exe, etc.). Find that one.In the 0000 folder you found in the previous step, right-click, and from the context menu, select New, then Binary Value.When the new key is created, change its name to DevicesConnectedRight-click on the new key and click Modify...A dialog box will pop up that says "0000" -- it's waiting for you to type data.Type the following keys acourding to your specific configuration:2x digital monitors -> "00 00 03 00" (0x30000)2x analog monitors -> "03 00 00 00" (0x3)digital/analog -> "02 00 01 00" (0x10002)analog/digital -> "01 00 02 00" (0x20001)Although I have only my TV connected to this PC I used the first one "00 00 03 00"You can disable the unused "monitor" later by not cloning or extending your desktop to that screen.Click OK, exit RegEdit and reboot.Source: Techtips
  4. JusTaMan

    I made a tragic mistake!

    i'v got smthg like 1/4 second by teamviewer and i do prefer economical strategies and management simulators so delay is not critical at all.
  5. JusTaMan

    I made a tragic mistake!

    My system don't see the monitor cause there isn't one but i need it to see to make gpu works like it should - accelerate 3d applications.
  6. JusTaMan

    I made a tragic mistake!

    Greating kind people! I'm writing this from a little village called Gremyachie in a deapth of Russia. I stuck here for a week for a family business. Roosters sing, dogs bark and hobos moan under my window. Luckily i have old laptop (2.1Ghz Duo) and decent 4g connection with me and back home i've got 2600 ryzen + 1080ti combo turned on and ready to RENDER games with all it mighty. Last thing i managed to do before urgently left the house is set up google remote desktop and gladly it works but... I did awful mistake. I turned off the monitor. So now i can't lauch any 3d application remotly cause it's not how it SUDDENLY works. It's so boring here you can't even imagine. Youngest man in here is 65 y.o. and belive it or not i don't like vodka. Not so much at least. Is it an any way to trick a system by software manipulations to make render any 3d image so i could see it remotly? It plays youtube with a sound... So far i tried teamviewer/google desktop/pascal until realized the real issue. Plz help.