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  1. Alok Pandit

    1080 ti under performing

    CPU bottleneck for sure. Userbenchmark shows i7 4790 is equal or a bit slow than an i3 8100. Which is what I have paired with a 1050Ti. Also the old i7 has in total 16 pcie lanes, which the 16 lane GPU is sharing with other onboard devices.
  2. Alok Pandit

    Water loop not draining

    Just put the case on its back (open side up), open the drain valve and blow air in (if it doesnt pull in air automatically). Make sure you connect a long pipe to the drain and keep it high.
  3. I want to mirror/clone my desktop and cast it on my TV. The current setup is like this: Windows 10 PC ---(Cable)---> Router ---(Wi-fi)---> Firestick Put the firestick in mirroring mode but cant find it in notification-->connect on the PC I think the problem is that it expects both PC and firestick to be on Wi-Fi but I am not sure.
  4. Alok Pandit

    FREE $19.99 Game Transistor April 18th

    Thanks got it.