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    Programming(Javascript/C/Assembly), Hacking, Music from the 60s/70s, Anime with a good story, Cards against Humanity, Team Fortress 2, Good food, and Linux.
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    Dual Major Student


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    Intel i7-8086K
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    MSI Z370-A PRO
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    Ballistix Sport 8GB
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    WDC WD10SPZX-21Z10T0 and 2x ST500DM002-1BD142 in RAID 5
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    Thermaltake Smart 500W
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    DELL ST2320LF
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
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    CM Storm Devastator
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    Sea Wit Ambidextrous Wired Gaming Mouse
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    openSUSE Tumbleweed

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  1. I haven't had any issues with the non-free Nvidia driver. Nouveau had a couple of issues for me though. Debian-based distributions tend to have outdated software. With Debian you can upgrade to Sid(unstable) but your computer may or may not survive the upgrade. For this reason I don't really recommend Debian for people anymore but for whatever reason I can't stop using it myself.
  2. I'm using Debian Sid for my home PC. I personally don't have a problem with compiling a kernel(especially since all you have to do is run make a few times). The answer is yes. I'm doing both from the latest source found on kernel.org. I have lzop so I don't really understand why it fails. I had issues with it earlier in the compilation so I installed it, removed the partially compiled version and started over.
  3. Breadpudding

    Which Linux for my Server

    This topic is highly opinionated, so here's mine: Use anything Red Hat based. This includes(but is certainly not limited to): Fedora, OpenSUSE, CentOS, Mageia, and even Red Hat itself(assuming you aren't afraid to pay for an OS). Personally, I use OpenSUSE because it's free and uses YaST which makes server management easy. On top of all that, it's extremely stable and secure. The only thing I wouldn't recommend about it is the learning curve if you're familiar with a Debian-based distribution(such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Pop! OS). Otherwise, go right ahead and install a Red Hat system.
  4. The reason I did is because the latest kernel prevented me from booting and the old kernel I was booted from didn't support my ath10k drivers anymore.
  5. Hello everyone, I have decided to compile the linux kernel myself after a series of issues with my computer. I ended up going with xz compression for my laptop, but I'd like to try and get LZO compression working. Whenever I try to build bzImage, the makefile errors with the following: DESCEND objtool CALL scripts/atomic/check-atomics.sh CALL scripts/checksyscalls.sh CHK include/generated/compile.h MKPIGGY arch/x86/boot/compressed/piggy.S arch/x86/boot/compressed/vmlinux.bin.lzo: Invalid argument arch/x86/boot/compressed/vmlinux.bin.lzo: Invalid argument make[2]: *** [arch/x86/boot/compressed/Makefile:160: arch/x86/boot/compressed/piggy.S] Error 1 make[2]: *** Deleting file 'arch/x86/boot/compressed/piggy.S' make[1]: *** [arch/x86/boot/Makefile:112: arch/x86/boot/compressed/vmlinux] Error 2 make: *** [arch/x86/Makefile:283: bzImage] Error 2 If anybody with experience in this field would like to help, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance! ~Breadpudding
  6. Breadpudding

    Intel and Zombieload

    The x86 architecture is crap piled on top of more crap. I think it's getting to the point where I believe Intel engineers don't even know what their own CPU looks like anymore. This is why I have hope for RISC-V. We need a new architecture that lacks the backwards compatibility Intel chips need to succeed. UEFI is a step in the right direction with platform independent operating systems. However, the chance of having a new architecture succeed in today's world is slim but I'm still waiting for something to eventually put the final nail in the coffin of x86.
  7. Breadpudding

    wd blue 500gb ssd help

    I believe you need to format the disk before you can use it. A trip to Disk Management should do the trick. If you need any help along the way, just remember that Google is your friend. You'd probably want to format the drive as NTFS(unless you have a really specific reason for not doing so).
  8. Breadpudding

    Can one dude program a operating system?

    Technically I can make an operating system within a day. That doesn't mean it'll be a good operating system, just a usable one(maybe).
  9. Breadpudding

    Left-Handed Mice

    I'm right handed and I use a mouse in my left hand. I just got used to doing it that way so it's not an issue for me.
  10. Breadpudding

    Left-Handed Mice

    Hello everyone, I recently watched LTT's video on the G502 and I posted a comment stating that being left-handed was a reason to not get it. This sparked a bit of conversation so I decided to post it here to see what everyone thought. In my case, I have no problem with using a regular mouse, but I have issues with gaming mice. Gaming mice often are "shaped to your palm" and provide "easy access" to extra buttons. For someone who is left handed, not all gaming mice are are shaped to fit my hand and many of the extra buttons are not accessible at all. I'm curious if anybody else is left-handed, would be interested in having more ambi/lefty gaming mice on the market, and/or has/had the same problems that I do. ~Breadpudding
  11. Breadpudding

    Node.JS Error

    Your if statement on line 8 isn't checking if the variable is equal to true. It's setting the value to true instead. If the value is a boolean, simply make it: if(bot) return; Also about detecting which emoji you're placing: Don't use emoji in your code. There's a reference about using emoji with discord.js here: https://discord.js.org/#/docs/main/stable/class/ReactionEmoji Maybe name isn't what you think it is? Try logging the result of getting the emoji's name to see if it prints something similar to "regional_indicator_k". I haven't dealt with reactions myself but it's worth a shot.
  12. It's a bit outdated as we're already on Linux 5.1 while Microsoft has only ported Linux 4.19. Will Microsoft ever update the kernel to support newer syscalls? Either way, I'm still using Linux.
  13. Breadpudding

    Has anybody thought about making an operating system?

    We've already got it booting. Just getting into shell development right now. UEFI has made everything so much easier for us. https://github.com/rockcandy-community https://discord.gg/vZ276eP
  14. Breadpudding

    Has anybody thought about making an operating system?

    Personally, I dislike Rust for the large binaries it creates and requirement for "unsafe" functions when working on OS development. What I'm currently doing is writing the base in C and adding a wrapper for Rust. Our current design is to have a modular exokernel with a Linux subsystem so we don't have to convert every application on the face of the planet. The main issue we've run into is just trying to get the thing to boot. If this was legacy OSDev I'd know exactly what to do but we're targeting UEFI. Yes I have read UEFI Bare Bones on OSDev. If you have any experience with UEFI, could you tell us why it isn't booting? Our GitHub is available here if you're interested in checking it out. Thanks in advance, Breadpudding
  15. Breadpudding

    Raspberry Pi Server

    The issue comes from your Wordpress installation. You told Wordpress that the domain your server is running on is "localhost". So every time it tries to link to something on your site(such as the stylesheet) it causes an error. You can't connect to your Pi with another machine using "localhost" because localhost means the computer you're currently using. So what you need to do is change the domain to the IP address of your Pi(preferably give the Pi a static address) and connect to it via that address.